PC Building During The Pandemic

Isaac Baumann & Ethan Hudson, Communcations


 Pc building During the Pandemic

               -Isaac & Ethan



  Once the pandemic started many people started looking for a new hobby or idea to cure their boredom. Lots chose outdoor activities but lots chose Pc building. Building a PC has been a great thing to do for a while. Many businesses have moved to online working and schools to online schools so with a PC you can run work and gaming smoothly.



When the pandemic started (covid-19)we were all bored and we wanted to either upgrade or make a PC. When you look on Newegg.com or B&H Photo.com, even Amazon.com all have major parts out of stock. Parts like CPU’s GPU’s motherboards and more are out of stock. Now as of right now we’ve been able to find ram, SSD, and pcu’s but what’s a gaming PC without a GPU or Motherboard of your preferred brand.


Where and how do you get the PC parts you want? Well on many websites, one being Newegg.com which has several parts but is still low in stock. The best thing you could do would be to either wait for parts to come back in stock which usually takes about a month and a half or you could buy used parts.


With this, you will have to wait or spend more money to get used parts because the used market has high prices and the new market has few if any in stock. All this saying it is still a great way to spend time and a great hobby to enjoy with friends.