Sicily’s Book Corner


Sicily’s Book Corner 


Hello! This is the 3rd article of Sicily’s Book Corner, and whether you’ve read my previous articles or not, I hope you find a book that you can enjoy! 


Arcane Kingdom Online: The Chosen: LitRPG Adventure Series, Book 1 


Author: Jakob Tanner 


4.2-stars out of 5. I think the book definitely deserves a 4.2-star rating. In this book, you get all the elements of a LitRPG but you also get a twist. The twist is that the game Clay (the main character) logged into is full of glitches. In most LitRPG, the game the main character is in is relatively glitch-free, of course, there are a couple here and there but for the most part, it’s a stable game. Not Arcane Online though, you can’t walk two feet without finding some sort of glitch. The glitch aspect makes this book interesting, and I think you’ll like it even if you’re not really into that kind of stuff. 


Keeper Of The Lost Cities, Book 1


Author: Shannon Messenger 


4.8-stars out of 5. I think this book definitely deserves a 4.8-star rating. If you like books where the main character has a dramatic reveal that they were not who they thought they were, then you’ll probably like this book. Sophie (the main character), is someone who’s relatable, even though she’s crazy powerful. The book always points out her nervous habit and it even shows her messing up a couple of times. The places in the book are really amazing and the food the book describes is even better. You’ll probably want to visit some of the places the book describes and try some of the food, I know I want too! Even if you don’t think you’ll like it I hope you give this book a try. 


Peter And The Starcatchers: The Starcatchers Book 1 


Author(s): Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson 


4.7-stars out of 5. I think this book definitely deserves a 4.7-star rating. This book is a re-imagined Peter Pan book. Now hold on, I know some of you might stop reading now but hear me out, the first time I heard this book’s description I didn’t want to read it because it was a twist on the original Peter Pan, but it’s so much better than the original! The characters all have the same names but the story is very different, in fact, if I hadn’t told you that the book was a re-imagined Peter Pan, I’m guessing you would’ve never known. Even if you’re skeptical I think you should give this book a try. 


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