Suelo Reviews: The Console That Got Me To Like Video Games


Hey, Guys! Welcome back, or if this is your first time, welcome! Today I will be talking about the game console that got me to like Video Games! And that console is…. The Wii! That’s right, people! The Nintendo Wii console! I know a lot of people who had/have this console ( I believe I still have mine ). 



Now, I absolutely LOVED the Wii console! Most of the games were Multiplayer, which I absolutely adored! I could have my friend stay the night, and when my Mom went to sleep, we would quietly turn on the Wii and play some good old Wii games. It is actually not common to find some REALLY good games that are multiplayer that I enjoy nowadays. I don’t know if they even STILL make games for the Wii, I would hope they do because writing this makes me want to go find my Wii and my Wii games and just play them until I regret the argument I had with the weird kid that always smelled like erasers in 3rd grade. I remember always wanting a WiiU. I knew MANY people that had them. It was basically an older version of the Nintendo Switch. But, when I got a Nintendo Switch there was really no point at all to get one. I HIGHLY recommend buying a Wii console, or, if you already have one play it! Well, that’s all that I’ve got for you guys today! I’ll see you next time on Suelo Reviews!  


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