January Talk With Teya


My friend is upset about a girl he likes and I don’t know what to do to help him because I have run out of things to say.

I think you should give him a little bit of space, if you’ve said all that you can and it’s not helping then you shouldn’t try to say things that’ll cheer him up. If I were in your position I would give him some reassurance, let him know that you are there for him. Sometimes that’s all we need when we’re going through a heartbreak. If he’s really having trouble, maybe send him in my direction, my email is located at the bottom of this page. I hope this helped


should I expect to get back to school before the end of the year?

I’m actually not sure, I emailed Mr.Morrison about your question and he replied with “We do have a plan for coming back.  We have had it since the summer.  We have to wait until the Snohomish County Health District and the Edmonds School District Board of Directors tell us it is safe to do so.  It all depends on Covid.” sorry this didn’t really answer your question. I’m hoping we can go back to school part-time next year.


how do I stay motivated to do things 

I was looking for some ways to stay motivated and the first thing that popped up was “Setting Goals” I have BIG goals for the future, and I find it pretty easy to stay motivated when there are goals set. Maybe you should set some goals, even small goals work. In the end, it’s very exciting when you achieve something you want, and you might feel more motivated. Good luck


What is a good way to help with stress?

Exercise and a well-balanced diet help reduce levels of stress. If you are working on something and find it stressful, take a breather! Go get some fresh air, give yourself a break. Don’t overwork yourself. 


What should I do if someone who hurt me wants to come back into my life?

It depends. If you miss them and you aren’t doing good without them you should try to let them back into your life. Take your time, slowly make more interactions with them and if they show improvement and it doesn’t seem like they’ll hurt you again, maybe put a little bit of trust back in them. If you don’t miss them and you dont think it’ll benefit you to let them back into your life, dont. This decision is up to you, not them. Do what’s better for you. 


What do you do if you’re not passing all of your classes but are getting caught up and you realize you have way more work than you thought and may not be able to finish them all?

Work hard on the assignments that give you a lot of points, those might bring your grades up, then I would work on the ones that don’t give you points. If you don’t get everything turned in, that’s alright, you can always work harder next semester. You can always attend study club for a few classes for some extra help. Good luck.


Is there another way to communicate with friends virtually other than email if you don’t have a phone? Also-Is there a good way to make friends at a new school virtually?

Maybe you should set up after school zoom meetings with them? You’ll be able to hear their voice rather than staring at words on a screen. When I was grounded I would send letters to a friend, it was my only way of communication. I actually found it really fun, however, once I was ungrounded, I found out that my mail showed at her door 5 days after I sent it and hers came to me in 2 days. So waiting for 7 days to get another letter drove me crazy, but it was fun. I hope you find out a good way to communicate with your friends.


How should I tell my parents that I am possibly gender fluid and possibly trans?

First off, if your parents are homophobic and you feel like telling them would put you at risk, dont, I would never recommend coming out if it’s going to put you in danger. Always have a safe place you can go if you feel like you are going to be hurt verbally or physically, this is the most important part of coming out. When you tell them, I would say something like “hey, I want to experiment with pronouns, I identify as (insert preferred pronouns here) and would really appreciate it if you respected that.” Keep in mind that if your parents are accepting, it might take them a while to adjust, I came out to my father a while ago and he’s still figuring out what’s offensive and what isn’t, try not to get upset, but correct them when they make mistakes. If your parents aren’t accepting I would speak to someone with similar issues, it creates a safe place to get the support you need. If you want to be called a different name, let your parents know that too, I personally do really good with preferred names but sometimes make mistakes on pronouns, this might be the same or opposite for your parents, be kind and make sure that you correct them for the sake of your mental health, they’ll get used to it. I wish you the best of luck!


What to do when you share a room? with your brother…

I haven’t had brothers until recently, however, I did share a room with my sister at one point, but I was really little and wasn’t really bothered by it. In movies, I’ve seen siblings mark half of the room with tape and sometimes hang a curtain for privacy. I’m not sure if you have a privacy problem, or are extremely annoyed with him. You should talk to your parent/guardian about privacy if that’s the issue, otherwise, you should get yourself a good pair of earplugs to block him out. I hope this helps with your problem.


Any hobbies I could do during COVID?  I know it’s kind of late, but I need something to do 🙁

I made a doc that includes the hobbies of some members of the journalism staff, I would’ve just included my hobbies, but I don’t know if you enjoy the same stuff that I do. The journalism staff has a huge number of different personalities, there has to be something in there that you will enjoy. Good luck browsing! [Click Here] 


I need advice about how to make new friendships with classmates even though we’re learning online.

You should reach out to someone in your elective class, it might seem a little scary, trust me, I’ve been there, but I think there’s a better chance that someone in your elective will have the same interests than people that are in required classes. I only really talk to peers in my elective class and I found it was actually pretty easy making friends, a guy named Consuelo and I (Consuelo has a huge series of reviews on this website, you should check them out!) became friends after working in-class together, Consuelo asked me to make him a logo for his reviews and I’m assuming he really liked it because soon after, he asked if I wanted to work on an art contest with him. I also made an acquaintance in journalism, after working on “The Murder of Ms. Smith” With Dominic I’ve been antsy for him to create another script because he has a really funny way of thinking about things and I love his humor. Good luck making friends!



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