Pros and Cons of Flying During COVID-19

Aubrey Knowlton, Writer

Prior to COVID, the flying procedure wasn’t quite as hectic. When COVID occurred, (the Coronavirus), it affected the entire world. Schooling is different, everyday life is different, even traveling is different! When you get to an airport, you head in, maybe you check a bag, you would usually head straight to security. If you’re going to be flying alone, underage, you might go to the Assistance desks as an unaccompanied minor. Wherever you go, it’s a lot different in airports. 

A major pro is, of course, security. Security is one of the most frustrating things at an airport, usually, lines would be about two hours long! However, during the pandemic, the longest most people wait is about five minutes, what a decrease! This has made it much more enjoyable when going to an airport. Parents and adults, in general, stress out when flying, mostly because of security. Parents/adults will usually leave two hours before their flight just so they do not miss their flight from waiting in security too long.

A con is the lack of food options when flying. Usually, on a flight, you will have a menu pamphlet on the back of the chair in front of you. The flight attendants would come through with the food cart where you could purchase meals and snacks. Now that COVID is here, that is not an option. You will have to purchase the food in the airport, and if you’re lucky, you might get a free beverage; it depends, on the flight you’re on.

And that’s it! Whilst flying during COVID is a definite risk, it might be worth it. Just remember to mask up, sanitize, and stay 6 feet from all surrounding people.