Student Spotlight! Abigail Peterson!

Josie Roberts, Writer

Meet Abigail Peterson. This 8th grader has been baking for as long as she can remember and vegan baking for almost three years. 

One of her favorite things to bake is caramel pecan rolls, which she makes when her family goes to Orcas Island. The baked goods she’s most proud of are chocolate babka and donuts.


Abigail enjoys baking because it’s a fun hobby that she can share with family and friends. A fun story Abigail shared was how, since her grandpa lost his sense of taste because of Covid-19, she decided to make jalapeno brownies as a joke because it’s one of the few things he can taste. She even tricked her little siblings into trying the batter!

While baking is her main specialty Abigail also cooks! At the time of our interview, she had made vegan ricotta cheese ravioli from scratch a few days earlier. 

Abigail enjoys vegan cooking because there is a wide variety of recipes from all around the world. Her goal for cooking and baking this year is to try one new recipe a month. 

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