Suelo Reviews: Amulet books 1 & 2!


Hey, Guys! Suelo here with another review. Today I will be talking about the Graphic Novel series; Amulet. Before we get started I want to let you guys know that I plan on doing many reviews for the Amulet series, but today will just be book 1 and book 2.


Amulet is kind of a Swash-Buckling, Somewhat Medieval Times but has Walking Houses type of book. In Book 1 “The Stonekeeper” we learn about the main character and her past. It gets kinda boring during the beginning, they talk about moving to a new house bla, bla, bla. Then eventually the main character and their brother find something, they start pressing buttons, and yeah, they find some Mystical Item and grab it. Later in the book we meet someone who lives in a walking house. Yeah, I’m serious. A walking house. We then discover *cue epic hero music here* the main character’s destiny is to save everybody. In Book 2 “The Stonekeeper’s Curse” we meet some of the side-but-important-characters. The character’s and a walking house go to a town where they are looking for a Magical Fruit that holds a LOT of power. We meet a fox with a sword and a doctor who finds out if people are turning into slugs. I’m not just making these things up. This book can get WEIRD. They go to find the fruit and end up fighting a GIANT-ELF. These books are STRANGE but INTERESTING. They are a good read for action, adventure, and mystery lovers. Hope you enjoyed it! I’ll see you next time on Suelo Reviews! 🤪


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