Southern Legend of Valentine’s Day

Savanah Coco-Barrett and Val Brooks

By; Valentina Brooks and Savanah Coco-Barrett.


                        The Southern Legend of 

                                                 Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day most people celebrate this one special day of the year by showering their loved ones with gifts of love and even romance them. It is unknown to many people, but the southern origin of Valentine’s Day was named after a man who died many years ago on this date. As unbelievable as it is, it’s true, and it will intrigue your interest as you continue reading more about this very special, known as Valentine’s Day. 


Valentine’s Day was named after a man whose last name was St.Valentine. St. Valentine was convicted of a crime he did not commit, although he pleaded innocent to the crime news spread all across the land. Everyday after school, a prison guard’s daughter would come to the prison to visit him after. She was astounded at the news that St. Valentine was found guilty and sentenced to prison. The prison guard’s daughter begged her father to see him. Once the guard’s daughter saw St. Valentine, she felt somewhat nervous but continued coming back to see him. She and St. Valentine became friends. A few days had passed before St. Valentine was to leave the prison. The guard’s daughter continued coming to the prison visiting St. Valentine bringing him cards and candy. On the day that St. Valentine had to leave the prison, the guard’s daughter slipped him a note into his pocket and said, “I’ll always remember you, GOODBYE.”


Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day of exchanging gifts, eating chocolates, giving flowers and cards or spending a romantic night on the town as a day of celebrating love. Now, you know the story behind St Valentine’s and why Valentine Day was named after him. So  however, you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this day only comes once a year, so make the very best this special day to spend with someone special and remember why this day is called Valentine’s Day.

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