Gunnars Reviews Red Dead Redemption 2


Hello there and welcome back to Gunnars Reviews. Today we will be reviewing Red Dead Redemption 2. Now this game is literally the best game I have ever played (other than halo) the story is beautifully written, and the multiplayer has made the scenery and the setting beautiful. So in the story we play as Arthur Morgan as we are in Dutch’s Gang. Dutch is a friend to Arthur so as we play we do heists and robberies. (spoiler warning) so as we go on in the story you make your own choices, you can do good or bad actions and you get multiple endings. One is good the other is bad. I got the good one, where at the beginning of the game Arthur says he wants to go out watching the sun set. In this good ending that’s what happens. Arthur is diagnosed with tuberculosis. So Arthur is escorting John Martsin up a mountain, but then cant go on anymore. So he dies on the mountain watching the sun set. The gameplay is awesome, it makes you feel like an outlaw. You have a lasso, revolver, carbine rifle, and you can buy more weapons. You also have a knife. The online multiplayer is huge the map is huge! With bounties, and missions ,and selling/buying/trading,you name it. The game is played in, New Austin, Texas (been there in real life, really cool place) the scenery is brilliant and the wildlife, and plants, and forests, are beautiful. That’s really all I can say about this game. Its the best game ever I cant explain its brilliance. If you can, you need to play it. See you next time on Gunnars Reviews.