Alternatives to Zoom

-Isaac Baumann – Ethan Hudson


Isaac Baumann & Ethan Hudson, Writer

Alternatives to zoom

-Isaac Baumann -Ethan Hudson


Due to the recent pandemic many businesses and buildings have closed or have strict rules on safety. Along with many businesses schools have shut down, and that means students are moving to online schooling. The video conferencing app Zoom has lately been used a lot for business and school meetings. Zoom has lately been used the most but there are also great alternatives.


A good alternative is the app Discord which is a texting and video chat app that could be used and puts up a fight. Discord not only has video calls but text channels. This means that a student could get in touch with a teacher or other student via text or call after school. Discord can have several servers for calls and text which could be helpful for having several classes and clubs. In terms of meeting participants, Discord can only have 99 participants per meeting but that isn’t an issue because zoom can hold 100.

Another website for digital meetings is Google Meets. Google meets is a video conferencing app google and could also be a great alternative to Zoom. Google meets has this really nice feature where you can blur your background out which I think is very nice if you don’t want to show what is behind you. It also has this feature where you can blur background noise if you are in a loud or crowded workspace. There is one downside, yes you can have 100 participants but the meeting can only go for an hour but that is not much of a deal.


Here are just a few of the probable many video conferencing apps and or websites that can be used for meetings and calls during the pandemic. I listed my top choices and the ones I use or recommend the most. It is really up to you which one you prefer but if you ever need an alternative then here are some examples.