Why Baking Therapy Works

Halle Connell, Writer

Throughout the last year many have found themselves bored, trapped in their houses, begging for an escape to pure calming bliss of something other than boredom and stress. So Baking Therapy was born! Many took the time and the opportunity to take to the kitchen and bake something to calm their minds from the horrors of the world. Many have heard of it, but many don’t actually know how it works.

Humans naturally crave routine and a patterned pace in a way, that’s why there’s so many “satisfying videos to watch to calm your mind” videos on the internet. Our brains are naturally attached to perfect and routine things, which is why baking can be so calming. Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill in the article “Baking Is Really The Best Way To Alleviate Stress” says “There’s a rhythm or a pattern to baking. It feels familiar and can even lead to a mindful state.” Mindfulness is perfect for anxiety and depression, with mindfulness, we can center ourselves and calm our brain with the pattern and relaxation of baking. 

Many psychologists believe baking is one of the best ways to combat anxiety and depression. When you’re baking you can’t help but be engaged in the process. For human brains it’s almost beautiful in a way. Human brains like to focus on every single detail of something calming and beautiful in our minds which helps us center thought. Not about the world but around us and how each individual step leads to distraction and calming. We as humans need to have that calming perfectness in our lives, even if it’s not perfect to others. 

We’re surrounded by chaos on a daily basis so the last thing we want to do is mess up something as simple as cookies. We focus on each measurement and mix so precisely we almost get lost in the sauce, literally. We distract ourselves, but not in a bad way. The lack of attention we give something could mess up the whole process so we almost have to be engaged. In a way, it’s an amazing process that can help the human brain process, relax and unwind.

When we cook and bake in the end we feel accomplished, because we’ve created something and can enjoy it as well, we feel better and more happy. The more accomplished and at ease we feel the more our brain releases dopamine, a chemical balance in your brain that makes you happy. Baking therapy can improve your life, especially right now, during crisis times. So whenever you’re feeling down, just pick up a bowl and get in the kitchen.