Cars and where they come from

Ethan Hudson and Isaac Baumann

Cars and where they come from

Isaac Baumannand Ethan Hudson


Have you ever wondered where cars come from? Well, today we are going to talk about where cars come from, and what the cars are best known and used for. The three main car genres we will talk about are European cars, American Muscle, and JDM cars. So let’s dig right into it. 

Some of the most reputable car manufacturing companies come from Europe. European cars include BMW, Audi, MINI, Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, and more. These Euro cars are known for luxury and speed. Most have expensive leather interiors and have well over 300 horsepower. Yes, these cars are expensive but can retail for quite cheap. They have a very long racing history with F1 and gt2 but are also bought and used for time attack and drifting. So if you want a car with years of history of performance, luxury, and speed, then you should buy a European car.

American cars are another one of the reputable car brands. They have a large v8 engine and weigh over 3500-4000 pounds. They have raw power and awful steering, which makes them amazing at drag racing and oval racing like NASCAR. They have large engines capable of insane power. They usually are supercharged with large wide and grippy tires, making them able to get power to the wheels instantly. This makes them feared in racing of almost all types. If you love the raw power and fast racing, then American muscle is the way to go.

Japan produces many cars that are loved and favored by car enthusiasts. They are often called JDM, which stands for “Japanese domestic market.” This basically means the market from which Japanese cars and parts are imported overseas to the U.S. These cars have small engines such as 4 and 6 cylinder engines that are capable of being tuned to have lots of power. These cars are made cheap and are often quite reliable. This often makes a great platform for tuning. This is why so many car enthusiasts love and use JDM cars.  So if you love cheap, fast, and easy to maintain cars JDM is the way to go.

After all this, I hope you have a better understanding of where cars come from and what they are best known and used for. I hope you can now identify different types of cars and where they come from. If cars spark an interest in you, you can always check out Donut Media, Fitment Industries, Car and Driver, and MotorTrend.