Suelo’s Short-Stories! Master Quinn!

Consuelo Carlson-DeBoo, Administrator, Writer.

*This is a SHORT STORY. If you would like a sequel, email me. If I get enough emails, then you can have a sequel, maybe even a couple chapters. Enjoy.*


Nicholas Quinn was a basic boy, in a basic city. There was a basic schedule that all the cities residents followed. “Wake up, clean, and brush, eat, work, and eat, work, eat, brush, and sleep.” All the residents wore the same type of clothes and the same color of clothes. Nicholas Quinn was an odd boy on the inside. He knew things were basic and boring in this city, but he never told anyone.


 One day, Nicholas Quinn was working with his brother on fixing the doorbell. His brother’s name was Phillip Quinn. Phillip Quinn was just like his father, and all the residents in the city, boring and basic. When Nicholas and Phillip were working on the doorbell, Nicholas saw something. At first, he thought it was probably just a bird or something like that, until he saw it again, and again, and again. Eventually, he saw these weird colorful dots circling around him. He thought he was just imagining things but then, he saw his brother’s expression and realized this was real. The colorful dots were making a noise, it sounded like they were saying; “Master Quinn.” Phillip screamed and ran to go tell his mother what was happening. Nicholas was scared to death, but like he does with all his feelings, he didn’t show it. The dots kept on repeating the name; “Master Quinn”. 


Nicholas and Phillip’s mother came out to see what was happening and the colorful dots flew away. Nicholas was curious what these dots were, so he chased after them. When he caught up with the dots, he saw something that was out-of-this-world. It was a portal leading to who-knows-where. And, because Nicholas Quinn was a curious boy, he walked into the portal. Lights raced as he stepped in. He felt light as air for a few seconds, and then, he was out of the portal. He saw trees with apples of all colors, streams filled with the freshest of water, and the thing he noticed the most was the giant furry creature standing above him. The giant furry creature said in a gruff, loud voice: “Good evening, Master Quinn.”   

                     *This is a SHORT STORY. If you would like a sequel, email me. If I get enough emails, then there will be a sequel, maybe even a couple chapters. Thank you.*

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