Parent Trap Comparison

Savanah Coco-Barrett, Administrator/Editor-In-Chief

Valentina and I have made a comparison of both the original and the remake of The Parent Trap. The original movie opened on June 21, 1961. Sharon and Susan were played by Halley Mills. The remake came out on July 26, 1998.  Lindsey Lohan played both Annie and Hallie in the movie remake of Parent Trap.



In the original, The Parent Trap, the twins, Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers, met each other during summer camp. During the camp, Sharon and Susan discovered they had the same parents and were twins. They decided to swap places with each other to discover what similarities and differences their parents have and also get to know them. Sharon arrived back in California and found out that her father was dating Vicky Robinson. Sharon later discovered not only was her father dating Vicky but also they were engaged to be married. 

So, Sharon called Susan who was in Boston and told her about their father’s engagement. Susan asked Sharon to bring their mother to California as soon as possible, but Susan didn’t want to but had to. After they hung up the phone, it became known to their grandfather that the two girls switched places and had Susan tell him everything. She also told him their father was engaged to be married. Susan brought their mother home, and the two girls worked together to break up the engagement and get their parents back together.

The remake is a close variation of the original movie. Hallie and Annie meet at a summer camp and that’s where they saw each other and put all the details together to find out they were twins.  The storyline is pretty much the same as the original, although there were some things that were different.  



For example, in the original, the two girls went to a camp dance before figuring out they were twins, but in the remake, there was no dance at all.  If you have watched the movies, you would see that the names of the camp that Sharon and Susan go to are different from the camp that Hallie and Annie go to.

Another difference is that Sharon and Susan take their mother to Susan and her father’s house and not to a hotel.  At the house, there is a priest and the soon-to-be in-laws to discuss wedding plans and out of the blue, Susan’s and Sharen’s mother hides in the house and surprises their father.  The same happened in the remake but in the hotel.  Hallie and Annie walked around the hotel, and Annie went up to the floor that the hotel room is on while Hallie is down in the lobby.  When their father sees them one at a time, he realizes the change in clothes and asks about it and thought he saw her go up to the room.  Later on, they make an appearance at the same time with their mother to surprise him.

Those are the comparisons of the original and remake of The Parent Trap.  You can watch the two movies on Disney+. For more information, comment down below or email Savanah Coco-Barrett or Valentina Brooks.


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