March- Talk with Teya


Teya Shook, communications department

How can I make friends? I don’t have many and I’m trying to make some who are interested in things that I like.   🙂

First, you can’t be scared to put yourself out there, talk to people, even if you’re afraid of it. Since you’re looking for people with similar interests, you should look into joining a club (if you haven’t already) and talk to people in that club. I’ve made quite a few friends from clubs, one of my clubs even has a group chat. Ask someone to tell you a little about themselves, or ask them specific questions, based on what you would like to know. If you don’t act on your wants or needs, you shouldn’t expect to get them, so get out there and try to make friends!


I’m getting dry texted lately and I’m not sure what to do. They seem uninterested basically and it scares me some

If it’s a specific person, you should tell them how you feel. Tell them that you’re scared they’re uninterested, and hope that they’ll understand and catch on to their mistake before it gets worse and leads to an end in friendship. Remember that it’s hard to get points across when texting and things can be misinterpreted easily. Maybe you’re reading their messages the wrong way, either way, you should tell them how you feel and ask for clarification.


How do you let go of toxic friends?

There are multiple ways you could go about this, here are the two ways I would do it. The first way is a long process. You could shy away from contact with them, and maybe they’ll get the hint that you don’t want to be friends with them anymore. The second option is you could just tell them how you feel and end it there. A close friend of mine had a really hard time letting go of a toxic friend because they had been friends for such a long time, but the toxicity got to the point where their friend would get angry when they hung out with someone else and would call their mom to make plans every time my friend tried to end it. Don’t be afraid to block off all contact with them if they are treating you badly or genuinely acting toxic.


Why do you think demisexuality is not seen as valid.

A lot of people don’t know what Demisexuality is, and this could be a reason for people thinking it’s invalid. Not everyone tries to educate themselves about all the sexualities like some do. I didn’t really know what Demi was until a couple of years ago. Another reason Demi could be seen as invalid is that lots of people have strong opinions about what should be and what shouldn’t be, the thing about these people is it’s hard to make them see differently, my biological father is one of these people, and I try quite often to change his opinions. If anyone reading this is curious as to what demisexuality is, it’s basically when a human being does not have sexual feelings for another until those two have a strong emotional connection. Someone who identifies as Demisexual can also be gay, straight, bi, etc…


What’s your favorite color?

Probably yellow, it reminds me to be happy

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