Sicily’s Book Corner


Sicily’s Book Corner 


Hi! Welcome to the 6th article of Sicily’s Book Corner! I hope you like the books I’ve picked out for you. 


Epic Zero: Tales of a Not-So-Super 6th Grader, Epic Zero Book 1  


Author: R.L. Ullman 


4.6 stars out of 5. I think this book deserves this rating. Because if you like books where the family of the main character isn’t around then you’ll like this book. His family isn’t really involved with the adventures he’s doing, despite them being the best superhero team on the planet. If you also like a book where the main character has a pet/sidekick that’s cute, always comes through in the end, but get’s on your nerves from time to time, then this book might be for you. Also, this book is a good superhero book and it’s one of those rare superhero books that is made for kids so there’s nothing to worry about, it does have a bit of magic though so if you don’t like that stuff then sorry, but I still think you should give it a try. 


The Red Pyramid, The Kane Chronicles Book 1


Author: Rick Riordan 


4.7 stars out of 5. I think this book deserves this rating. Because this book is all about magic and Egyptian mythology. If you know what the Percy Jackson series is then think of it kinda like that but with Egyptian mythology. It’s an interesting book and you not only learn Egyptian mythology while reading it, you also learn what some hieroglyphics mean. There are also a lot of twists in the book but obviously I’m not going to tell you what they are because that would ruin the fun of the book. There are two main characters in this book. If you don’t like books with more than one main character, hear me out because I don’t like books like that either but I actually like this one so I think you should give it a try. 


The Iron Tomb, Pyramid Hunters Book 1 


Author: Peter Vegas 


4.8 stars out of 5. I think the book deserves this rating.Because this book is a mystery book, it’s filled with a lot of clues and puzzles, and the main character has to figure everything out. He’s also running from the police while he tries to solve the main mystery of the book. This book is full of twists and turns, it had me questioning the friends of the main character all the time, he’s running from the police, there’s a mysterious organization after him, and all the while the main character is trying to solve a bunch of clues and riddles. 


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