Student Spotlight! Stephanie Vazquez!

Josie Roberts, Writer

Meet Stephanie Vazquez! This 8th grader has a passion for graphic design and video editing.  


Stephanie got inspired to start making graphic designs from Pinterest and her brother who also does graphic design. She defines graphic design as making collages from stuff online and she loves the colors, as well as the creative freedom that comes with graphic design. 


While her brother inspired her to do graphic design, she also got her interest in video editing from him. She uses Adobe After Effects to create videos she posts online. She often edits scenes from TV shows together to create a video. 


Stephanie is also an aspiring Twitch streamer. She streams herself playing things like Animal Crossing, Call of Duty, and Gen shin Impact. Gen shin Impact is an online role-playing game.



Stephanie Vazquez is just one of many people who will be featured in our Student Spotlight. If you would like to be featured on it too be sure to tell us in the monthly journalism survey with Talk With Teya and others!

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