Student Survey Shoutouts!

Student Survey Shoutouts!

April 20, 2021

Bulldog Shoutouts


Teachers to Student Shout-outs


Unknown: Eastan Doolittle-Youngman because he is thoughtful and helps other students in classes.


Ms. Szarek: Ghazal Ehrari


Ms. Mello: Sara Ambachew, she always has her camera on, actively participating with a smile on her face. Her positive attitude affects both myself and her classmates. Thank you for your continued efforts and your contribution to our class!


Mr. Sullivan: Ms. Wertman – Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your grace is abundant and your willingness to help students and staff is overflowing. You are appreciated!




Student to Teacher Shout-outs


Jacka: Mr.Treadway did video game club


Delara Good-Mojab: Ms. Peck because she is really helpful, nice, and funny.


Ilse: Ms. Mello, makes 5th-period class fun


Liam Rolstad: Mrs. Morales, because she recently recovered from back surgery


Charlie Schofield: Mrs. Grewal because she works really hard on making good assignments.


Rachel Ehart: Ms. Hudson for being epic!


Mia Lovelace: Ms.Longworth for always being able to help with homework and for always being positive!


Dua Ahmad: I would like to give a shout-out to Miss Giroux, my science teacher because she explains concepts and answers all of my questions plus out of studying she is very nice and friendly.


Sara Ambachew: Ms.Mello, because she always comes up with super fun exercises to do in PE!


Nina Franklin: Ms. Lee, is my English and Social Studies teacher. She treats her students amazingly and always manages to keep us smiling. I love the way she teaches, she makes me want to learn and she makes me happy to be in her class. She is always finding new ways to connect to the students and I know many other students in our class feel this way.


Unknown: Lindsay Parker, Rachel Gronvold, Patrica Betz, Mrs. Wertman are all my teachers who are caring and helpful. I really am happy they’re my teachers.


Allen Vu: Ms, Hudson because she’s so nice and just a good vibe to hang out with.


Zumbo: She’s always making the class fun and works really hard for the band at school.


Allyson Roseburg: I would like to give a shout-out to Ms.Shoults for always being there and listening to whatever people have to say, even if their problems are probably really small.


Avery Burns: Mrs. Rivera She has helped me with school and has made me love school


Abby Setala: Mr. Fink, my science teacher, does free question Friday every week and makes the class super cool; it can be a science question or just a random question, and because I ask a lot of hypothetical questions that my family can’t answer and the internet doesn’t do a good job of answering, it is very helpful.


Jake Lantz: Devan, he is my friend.


Kayley Lewis: I want to give a shout-out to Mrs. Ramos because she is very kind and helps me crochet. She is a very good person. 


Jenna Sanders: Ms. Longworth, because she is so kind and caring. She helps me with all the work I have trouble on and is definitely one of my favorites. She makes sure to make class fun while we learn, and she is really good at explaining things. 


Corbin Policani: Mr. Sullivan because he is my favorite teacher and we get to make 3d models on our computers.


Grace Reynolds: Ms. Wertman, for being so positive and always making me smile!


Reese Inness: Chloe Giroux.


Danait Solomon: I would like to give a shout-out to Ms.Rasmussen because she is always there to help me.


I would prefer to remain anonymous: Mr. Sullivan, he always starts class with a smile and makes sure that as boring as online school is, it is the best it can be and he does his best to make it fun.


Unknown: Ms. Morales because she is such a supportive teacher and will help you with whatever you need.


Shaista Rahman: Ms. Morales, for her positivity


Hailey Taron: Ms. Morales because she does a really good job at keeping students engaged.


Noel Regan: Ms. Kostelecky, for being an amazing teacher through all the craziness and always making sure we are comfortable and learning consistently. I couldn’t make it through this weird school year without her!


Kristen Bentosino: I would like to give a shout-out to Mrs. Longworth because she’s an amazing teacher, who’s sweet, and kind.


Amar Shahid: Mrs.Kostelecky because she is very nice and one of the best teachers I met out of all the teachers I met in Elementary till now. No offence.


Leila Wheeler: I want to shout out Ms.Lee because she has so many classes (including my least favorite subjects) but somehow she still makes the class seem fun because she likes to make jokes and talk with us!


Anon: Ms. Poole, for being very open, honest, and always wanting her students to be open to new perspectives.


Ilse: Ms. Kellet for making English class fun.


Ghazal: Esther Szarek and Sarah Calvin because they help me with my homework a lot.


Nevaeh: All my teachers because they are helpful and very sweet.


Dua Ahmad: I would like to give a shout-out to Ms. Lee because she is very kind and she helps in answering my questions.


Alexis Ohman: I’d like to give a shout-out to Mr. Sullivan because his classes are always insanely fun, while also managing to teach us a lot. I really enjoy the way he makes each and every one of his students feel included, while also being an all-around funny goofball.


Quinn Harmon: Zumbo, she is a great teacher and will go out of her way to help everyone and make everyone’s life easier.


Kristen Bentosino: I would like to shout-out Mrs. Longworth because she has always made the classroom such a sweet, and kind environment, even through zoom.


Avery: Jacob Dalton, he respects everyone’s privacy, he doesn’t force anyone to turn on their cameras and he is just super nice and an amazing teacher. He is super understanding and is always positive.


Spencer Joplin-Wack: Mrs. Mello for being . . . Mellow. And cool and fun.


Efrata Solomon: Mr. Tucker is good at teaching social studies and makes the lessons engaging even when we aren’t at school in person.


Unknown: Mr. Johnston, he makes learning fun for students.


Corbin Policani: Mr. Sullivan, he is the best teacher.


Joshua: Mrs. Giroux for being so dedicated that she graded assignments at midnight.


Aron Vazquez-Lopez: Mrs.Franklin because she just seems like a calm person.


Akisha Prasad: Mrs. Grewal because she gives us an option for free time after we finish our work for math and other classes.


Jack Guzman: Ms.Wertman because she is the best P.E. teacher I have ever had.


Jaya Dean: I would like to give a shout-out to Mrs. Longworth for being the best teacher. She is always super nice, caring, and always explains what we’re learning really well.

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