Intel Vs Amd


Isaac Baumann, Writer

AMD or Intel, one of the biggest arguments in the industry. What is better for the money, what is better for gaming, and what is better for video editing or other high-demanding tasks. This is the neverending and unanswered question. Today we’ll show you which is better at what.


For about 20 years, there has been an argument over which CPU is better. First of all, a CPU is a Central Processing Unit, and it controls how the computer acts and performs. In other words, it’s the computer’s brain and it controls how well the computer processes everything it’s faced with. This can range anywhere from gaming, editing, coding, and more.      


Isaac – In my opinion, Intel is the better CPU for your money. AMD CPUs are usually 50 to 100 dollars more than Intel CPUs for the same or less performance. So if money is not a problem, then go ahead and buy the Ryzen 9 Threadripper because it is a good CPU. If money is a variable, then Intel is for you. There was a point in early 2000 where AMD was significantly better than Intel. This caused lots of brand loyalty so when intel pulled ahead, everyone was still buying AMD. The i5 was the better CPU in all aspects. This trend continued on through the i7 and Ryzen 7, and the i9 and Ryzen 9. The Intel CPUs are just better for your money The i9 is $500, and the Ryzen 9 is $750 for the same performance. If you have a price range like most do, Intel CPUs are the best option.


Ethan – I think AMD is actually better because they have better performance with gaming and video editing. AMD is great for heavy tasks and is sometimes overlooked. Some may say that AMD is overpriced or overrated, but AMD has pulled ahead of Intel and has made many more sales thanks to Intel. Why would people buy a worse CPU, right? Some might think AMD is extremely overpriced, but that is because in the last month with the release of 4th gen Ryzen everybody has been wanting to buy Ryzen CPUs. So much so, that there are stock shortages and prices are going up because so many people want AMD CPUs. Intel has dominated for so long, and AMD has finally pulled ahead. Go to youtube and you will quickly see that more people are getting AMD. The price is about the same, but with AMD you can get more. I think AMD is the new dominating CPU.   


In the end, it really comes down to your personal opinion and what you intend to use the CPU for. Either will suit you in your everyday online tasks and no matter which one you go with, you will have an awesome computer.