Week 1 of Sexualities Explained

Week 1 of Sexualities Explained

Savanah Coco-Barrett and Aubrey Knowlton, Staff Writer



Every week me, Savanah Coco-Barrett, and Aubrey Knowlton will be doing a sexuality explanation article so that people can have a good idea of what each sexuality means.   Every week, there will be 4 sexualities that will be explained.   There are 46 sexualities in total but we will be doing 28 which is a little over half of them.


Allosexual Explanation


Allosexual, also known as Zedsexual, refers to people who are not on the asexual spectrum.  It describes someone who experiences sexual attraction to others regularly.  But it does not refer to sexual identity by itself.


Biromantic Explanation


Biromantic is a way for people to have the capacity to be romantically attracted to people from more than one gender group.


Cupiosexual Explanation


Cupiosexual, previously known as Kalossexual is a micro-label on the asexual spectrum.  It defines as someone who wants to have a sexual relationship but does not experience sexual attraction.


Demisexual Explanation

Demisexual is where a person can only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional bond with the person.  That person can be straight, gay, bisexual, or pansexual and may also have a gender identity.  You can be anything and still be demisexual. 


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