New Vaccine Eligibility

New Vaccine Eligibility

Josie Roberts, Writer

Finally! On Monday the 10th the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for Kids age 12-15. This is a huge step in controlling the virus, but what do you need to know?


Where and when?


Doses were distributed Thursday the 13th, but who is eligible to receive them is up to the state. You can receive vaccines at sites all over the state and appointments aren’t always needed.


What are the Risks?


As for the risks of getting the vaccine they hold true to the normal side effects. People given the vaccine may experience the same symptoms as many adults do, fever, chills, sore arm, and muscle aches. Overall, there are no more risks than that of people 16-25. 


Why Is It Needed?


Children account for 14% of Covid cases nationwide and taking away those numbers would greatly help us get to herd immunity. Herd immunity is when there is a high enough immunity that the spread of diseases is contained and under control.


With more eligibility for Covid vaccines, more people will be able to go back to their normal lives. With more kids at school beginning to get vaccinated this will bring us one step closer to beating the pandemic.