April TWT


Teya Shook, communications department

How to make friends at a new school virtually.

CLUBS! I made some pretty awesome friends joining a club (GSA CLUB I SEE YOU!!) and I definitely don’t regret taking time out of my day to chat with people, even if it’s virtually. You have to be confident enough to put yourself out there, though- don’t be afraid of rejection.


How to deal with loud siblings during school.

Headphones, they are currently my favorite invention. I have two little brothers, and to be completely honest, they aren’t the only ones in my family who are loud. I ALWAYS wear headphones when I’m in school because I can hear my teachers better. The mic on my Chromebook isn’t of the greatest quality, so headphones help in more ways than one.


I don’t know who Teya is.

HI! I’m Teya, I give advice to people who want it. I typically only do one advice thingy a month, but I posted one really early this month and skipped February, so I’m making a second one.


I eat when I am bored… any ideas on how to break this habit?

I’m the same way, I eat when I’m bored. I haven’t broken this habit myself, so I’ll tell you the tips I have for you based on what I’ve learned from it. As I said, I haven’t gotten rid of this habit, however, I do know ways to kind of control it. When I find myself looking through the fridge and cupboards out of boredom, I try to grab something healthy or something that occupies my mouth for a longer period of time. Uncut apples and shelled sunflower seeds are my favorite things to snack on when I’m bored because they take time to eat, and they take some effort too. If I don’t have either of these in my house I chew gum, because, like said, it keeps my mouth occupied.


Snacking on fatty foods like chips or ramen is super easy to do, it takes little to no effort and it’s gone fast. Another thing you can do is try to get your blood flowing or do something you enjoy. I do a quick 15-minute workout when I’m bored or I do something I enjoy, like drawing or playing video games. The last tip I have for you is to drink water, humans are supposed to get at least 65 ounces of water a day, or half their body weight in ounces, and I’ve noticed the more water I drink, the less I want to snack. I want to remind you that it takes quite a while to completely break a habit- healthline.com says that it takes up to 10 weeks (2.5 months) to break one,. However, it takes very little time to start one. If you stick with trying to break it, you can, it just takes time. Stay motivated.


Opinions on not liking anyone but your family and 3 best friends?

I think that’s normal, I remember being the same way for a long time. It might go away, it might stay, I can’t say for sure. As long as you aren’t saying anything mean to anyone, there’s nothing wrong with it.


How do I deal with extreme paranoia?

When I get questions like this I try to do some research before answering with what I already know, the first thing I research is “what is ___?” then I move on to looking for ways to lessen the problem or get rid of the problem. Most problems like stress, some feelings of depression, and even paranoia are caused by lack of sleep, not eating a well-balanced diet, not drinking enough water, and not getting the exercise you need. The first thing I want to say is, after researching ways to get rid of paranoia, I saw that making sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking water, and being active helps lessen paranoia. However I don’t want to leave you with just that because it’s not the same for everyone., I read that talking about your paranoia helps too, whether it be to a close friend, family member, counselor, or to yourself out loud. Here’s a link that might help: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/paranoia/helping-yourself/


How can I be more self-motivated?

Self-motivation is the force that pushes us to go on. Here are some ways to help your self-motivation: you should break down large projects or goals, think of smaller easier steps,  and celebrate achievements. This will help you look forward to your next achievement, and maybe you’ll want to work harder for it. Try practicing gratitude, be ready to show appreciation, try to find some structure or routine, and set and break a small goal every day. I hope this helps!



Im so sorry this is late folks. May’s should be posted soon.