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Sicily's Book Corner

Sicily’s Book Corner 


Hi! Welcome to the 7th article of Sicily’s Book Corner. I hope you enjoy the books I picked out for you. 


The Ruins Of Gorlan: Rangers Apprentice Book 1


Author: John Flanagan 


4.8 stars out of 5. I think this book deserves this rating. I think this because the characters have  great character development. I also really like the plot of the story. It’s a bit graphic, so if you read this keep that in mind, but it’s really not that bad. As you can tell from the title, this is a book about Rangers, and the main character is an apprentice Ranger. Rangers are the king’s personal force that answer only to him. If you like stories that take place in the past and have knights, magic, and rangers, then I think you should give this book a try. 




Author: Paul Griffin 


4.6 stars out of 5. I think this book definitely deserves this rating. This book is full of suspense and mystery. I also think that the characters all have good motivations and backstories. This book is a little dark, so you should be careful. I won’t spoil the surprise of who hijacked the plane, but I never saw it coming. You don’t realize who it is until right before the book reveals it to you. There is so much suspense and intrigue, it had me guessing who to trust the entire time. 


Words On Fire 


Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen 


4.8 stars out of 5. I think this book deserves this rating. Just a warning before I get into the description: This book is dark and has some dark subjects, and some people may feel uncomfortable reading this book. This book is also historical fiction. It will probably make you cry – I know I felt like crying when I was reading it. This book is about a brave girl, Audra, who wanted to free her country from Russia. She was a book smuggler, which meant that she carried books in her own language, Lithuanian, to people who wanted to read in that language. Russia banned anything that was related to her culture, and that included language, so that’s why the books she was carrying were illegal. I know I said this before but I want to say it again, this book is dark and you will probably feel sad when you read it, but it is a good book. 

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