Stranger Things Season I Review (Spoilers)

Stranger Things Season I Review (Spoilers)

Written by David Cardwell

The tv show Stranger Things came out in 2016 and has been one of Netflix’s top shows since. It is a great show and is my favorite tv show. The story follows a group of people in Hawkins, Indiana.

Season 1

The main characters are Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Eleven. In the first episode, Will is abducted by an unknown creature. Other characters, such as Nancy and Jonathan try to find the monster. Steve is Nancy’s boyfriend and is a jerk for a while. But by the end of the season, he makes up for it. Jim Hopper is a detective that is investigating Will’s case. Joyce is Will’s mother and helps Hopper. Eleven is a girl who escapes from Hawkins Lab, where there is a gate to another dimension called the upside-down. After escaping, she met Lucas, Dustin, and Mike. Lucas didn’t like her at the start, and Mike wants to protect her from the Hawkins lab people. On the other hand, Dustin is not sure. Mike and Eleven bond together, and he nicknames her El. It is revealed she has psychic powers. Will communicates with Joyce using the lights in their house, and it is revealed that he is in the other dimension. Nancy and Jonathan go after the monster and plan to kill it, While Hopper investigates a body that is supposedly Will’s. It is later revealed to be fake. The “bad men” from Hawkins lab find Eleven, and the boys and her escape them. All of the characters meet up and Eleven uses her powers to locate Will in the upside-down. They all split up. Nancy and Jonathan rig their house to kill the monster with traps. While the monster is coming, Steve finds them and they all fight the monster, but it gets away. While this is happening, Hopper and Joyce find Will. In the meantime, the boys and Eleven are ambushed at their school. Eleven kills some guards in a really intense and well-done scene. But they are cornered. That’s when the monster comes through the wall and kills the guards. In the final fight, Eleven sacrifices herself to kill the monster that they previously named the Demogorgon.

This show was great. I actually liked the later seasons more, but this one was good as well. A few things I want to highlight are:

The musical theme. I have NEVER heard a good soundtrack made with fully electronic sound before. It’s amazing.
Milly Bobby Brown’s acting performance as Eleven. I am very impressed with her acting. Even though she is only 12, she captures the role perfectly.

Overall, this is a great show. And I would watch it again.