Stranger Things Season II Review (Spoilers)

Stranger Things Season II Review (Spoilers)

Written by David Cardwell

This is my favorite season of the show, so I will be going into more detail. If you need a recap of the first season, go here: Stranger Things Season I Review (Spoilers)

Season 2

This season we are introduced to a few new characters. Billy, who is in high school, and Max, his stepsister who is in middle school. They are new to the town, and Billy is a jerk. Will has been having episodes where he sees the upside down. Halloween is coming soon, and pumpkin patches have been rotting for no apparent reason. Hopper investigates this and finds nothing. Soon the “party” as the three boys call themselves, go to school in their ghostbusters costumes. Lucas and Dustin, (who both have a crush on Max) ask her to go trick or treating with them that night. She doesn’t really give them a certain answer. We soon start to see my favorite part of the series. Mike has been calling Eleven on a walkie-talkie every night since Eleven disappeared in hopes that she is still alive somewhere out there. He has been counting the days since he saw her. We are then shown that she is in fact alive. Hopper has been keeping her hidden in a cabin for her own safety, and they have had several fights over her not being allowed to leave and see Mike. We are shown that she wasn’t killed, but was put in the upside-down. After she had walked around for a bit and had called out for Mike, she found a way out and escaped. She didn’t go to see Mike because the Hawkins lab people were all over his house, so she went to the woods where Hopper found her. She’s been with him in a cabin ever since. Will keeps having episodes, increasing in intensity. Bob, (Joyce’s boyfriend) says he should stand up to his fears. He does this, and when he has an episode the monster he sees in his episodes infects him. Dustin finds a weird creature in his trash can and keeps it. He brings it to school and it escapes. Then, Will starts scribbling pictures. When they are all put together, it forms what looks like vines. Hopper realizes it’s the pumpkin patches and goes to dig a hole there to see what’s going on. He gets trapped, so Joyce, Bob, Mike, and Will go to save him. After they find him, the newly managed Hawkins Lab saves them and torches the place. After the torching, Will doubles over in pain. Apparently, it is connected to the tunnels. They try to find a way to burn the tunnels without hurting him, but can’t. Eleven then goes to Chicago to find her lost “sister”. She finds her but leaves her reluctantly to go save Mike and the rest of the group. In episode 8, hell breaks loose in the lab. Monstrous dogs go everywhere killing on sight. Bob dies, but everyone else gets out and meet at Joyce’s house. They hear rustling in the bushes, and a dog comes through the window. But, it’s dead. Eleven walks through the door. This scene is probably my favorite in the series.

In the final episode of season 2, eleven closes the gate, and they get the monster out of Will. Lucas and Max kiss, and then the season ends with Mike and Eleven kissing

A few things I want to highlight:

Noah Schnapp’s acting. I still like Millie Bobby Brown’s acting more, but Noah does a very convincing portrayal of being possessed by a monster.

Starting out from the end of season one, the show has been having a slow build-up to Eleven reuniting with Mike. When she was walking around upside-down, she was scared. She called Mike’s name out. Not Dustin’s or Lucas’s, but Mike’s. I felt like this tells me that Mike is the one she trusts more than anyone. Next, there’s how both of them have counted the days they have been apart. THAT is devotion and love. Mike also calls El every day, in hopes that she is still somewhere out there. Eleven knows he does and hears it, but is not allowed to respond because of Hopper. A realistic thing a dad would do. Not at all necessary, but very safe. He wants to protect her. The relationship between Hopper and Eleven is also very realistic. It is implied that Eleven also visits Mike (in her mind with her powers) every day. She goes to find him but thinks he’s dating another girl because another girl is with him. Even though he’s getting mad at her and telling her to leave. She just heads back to Hopper’s cabin, which is very sad to me. It’s so satisfying when they reunite. All in all, this storyline between the two of them is what ultimately makes it my favorite season, and is why Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows/movies.