Students of BTMS are Getting Fiesty


The students of BTMS are starting to get a bit feisty with each other at first lunch…


Two fights have broken out since the first week of school. Lunch one has been getting a bit wild and aggressive, as there have been multiple fights that broke out. The fights do not last long and they aren’t harshly aggressive. As far as we know, nobody gets seriously hurt and staff always intervene. This is the reason nobody has gotten seriously injured. Along with this, the school also has to deal with the “Devious Licks.” Both of these ‘trends’ have broken out throughout the school, causing minor chaos. This chaos, along with the dangerous acts, is affecting the teachers, school, and students. Fortunately, the students in the fight have had their consequences. The fights have all been because of reasons like their language that they use or touching people without their permission. But there aren’t exact words that we can quote in this. These fights have come to the school’s attention and they are trying to not have these things happen again. They have been trying to keep everyone safe and have the situation under control. They are doing their best not to have these situations reoccur.