Don’t Be a Quitter, Clean Up Litter!


Have you looked around the school recently? Well, be glad if you haven’t, it’s not pretty. Kids pouring milk on the ground, pieces of plastic, paper, and even left behind masks! To make things worse, people don’t even try to clean things up.

Believe it or not, littering has a huge impact on the world. It’s been estimated that America spends more than 11.5 billion dollars cleaning up litter. Even though the amount of trash being thrown on the ground has decreased over the years, it is still a problem. Every piece of trash you refuse to pick up bites at our environment bit by bit. This is unnecessary and makes it harder to build community in the school.

Interview with Ms. Poole

We asked Ms. Poole about her opinion on littering around the school
“I think it is unnecessary especially if we want to create belonging and take care of our school.” I think that this should be the bare minimum really if we want a good learning environment we want to take care of it right? Another thing stated in the interview is we should remind people what is recyclable and mention this in the announcements. Change won’t happen if people aren’t educated on the topic.

Issues caused by litter

All around the school grounds, there is trash, leftover masks, small bits of plastic, you name it. This is not only harmful to our campus and custodian, but has a major impact on the world as a whole. The litter you don’t even try to pick up is harming climates, animals, and you!

How you can help

You can’t do much to help prevent littering, but a little goes a long way. From small things like telling someone that they dropped some trash to starting a committee to stop littering! Don’t forget the obvious cleaning up and throwing your own trash away. Last but not least, educate others on the importance of preventing littering.

So maybe take a moment to observe your surroundings and see the rubbish around the school. It isn’t trendy or cool to leave trash around. Come together as a community and make our school a better place!

I’d like to thank Jonah for providing this photo for me.