BTMS Opinions On The Vaccine Mandate

How do the people at BTMS feel about the Vaccine Mandate?

BTMS Opinions On The Vaccine Mandate


Right now more people than ever before are arguing over if people should or shouldn’t get the vaccine. And now with the new vaccine mandate being planned, people are questioning the legitimacy of the Covid-19 vaccines more and more. “Is it necessary?”, “Will this really stop the spread of Covid-19?”. On September 9th, President Joe Biden announced that he will mandate anyone working under the federal government along with people who work in hospitals or government funded health facilities to get the vaccine. Now people didn’t seem to get as frustrated and angry compared to the other part of this mandate. Along with requiring anyone who works under the federal government and healthcare workers to get vaccinated, Biden also made it a requirement that any business with over 100+ employees must be vaccinated or get tested for Covid-19 weekly, as well as pay for vaccine times; this immediately sparked controversy across America. Many workers thought that this mandate was ridiculous and unnecessary. Over 80 million workers threatened lawsuits over this mandate, and people vowed to quit their job if this keeps playing out. But what do you think? Do you think that the vaccine mandate is needed? In this article you will review other people’s opinions at BTMS and see their perspective on the matter.


Overall most people in our community agree with getting the vaccine. 


Do you agree with getting vaccinated?

Over 78% (114) of individuals think that people should get vaccinated. 13% (19) of people are still on edge about getting the vaccine, and 5% (7) of people think that it is unsafe. Though there are feelings expressed by some people that they wished to get vaccinated and those around them are preventing them. One person expressed that they would like to get vaccinated, but they are underage. “As of this moment I cannot take the vaccine due to my age” – Anonymous. This is completely understandable, I know many underage people who would like to get vaccinated because they are tired of wearing masks and would like to be able to go out in public without being at risk. Here is an opinion from someone underage and unable to get the vaccine. 


In this interview we will interview Sophia Connell, age 10. A self proclaimed “sassy pants” and doesn’t put up with anyones bullpoop.

Question 1: Would you like to get vaccinated?

Sophia: Yes, because I want to be safe and keep others safe, I would also like to hangout with my friends without a mask.

Question 2: What is it like being unvaccinated?

Sophia: Sad, I can’t see my friends, but I am excited that the new vaccine is coming out for kids!

Question 3: Why do you wish to be vaccinated?

Sophia: So I am not at risk and don’t put my family at risk. I also wish to see other people and go out to restaurants and stores.

Question 4: Do you want others to be vaccinated?

Sophia: Yes! I’m so tired of wearing masks, and I don’t want more people to get sick and then we have to quarantine again!

Allllrighty! Thank you Sophia for that wonderful interview! Now onto the next question!


How do you feel about the vaccine mandate?


President Joe Biden is currently putting in place a mandate mandating that every person working under the federal government, including healthcare workers and any business with over 100+ workers to get fully vaccinated or getting tested every other day. I asked you guys here at BTMS what you think of this policy. Over 62% (69) people agree with getting the vaccine. 16% of people were on edge about getting the vaccine, meaning they weren’t sure. And 12% of people disagree with the mandate. 

Though there was an overwhelming majority agreeing with the vaccine there were many who were concerned about employees losing their job over not wanting to get the vaccine. And this has been the concern of many around America, though people can get fired for refusing the vaccine and Covid-19 testing. Workers do have the option to not get vaccinated, but they must get tested often to make sure they aren’t putting others at risk. 


Should there be a mandate for the booster shot due to the Delta Variant?


Currently there is a booster shot being manufactured and being tested. The government is currently saying that they recommend anyone over 40 take the booster shot. And just like Moderna and Pfizer, there will most likely be a mandate for the booster shot in the future. I asked you all how you felt about a future booster shot mandate. Over 58% (64) people said that they would be okay with the booster shot. Over 22% of people had mixed reactions and either weren’t sure or didn’t care. And 11% of people said that they either disagreed or are unsure or were questioning the certainty of this booster shot. Though there will probably not be a booster shot for young adults and teens for a while, if the Covid-19 delta variant doesn’t see itself out, we can probably expect more and more people getting the booster shot.


Though we’ve seen a lot of opinions, we haven’t seen any actual responses, so I’ve highlighted opinions and the reasons for those opinions that either stuck out or were said multiple times.


I think a good factor is the amount of people that are dying, it’s having a big effect on the economy. I’ve seen a lot of people that are against the mandate because then there will be less workers, but I think if people keep dying the same result will come.


I think the mandate is good but instead of firing them if the don’t cooperate they should just cut their pay.


I think that this is a good idea for people who have compromised immune systems, but I feel that everyone who isn’t high risk should get to choose.


The amount of people who died without the vaccine, compared to people with the vaccine.


The mortality rate and spreading of Covid-19 has decreased since the booster shot was released this summer.


I think in America people shouldn’t be forced to do something if they don’t want to (not including the law).


My mom and dad are in the health care business so I hear a lot about how it spreads and how it affects people along with the widespread scale. I have also learned about group immunity and have listened to some of Doctor Fauci’s Talks.


Why would you want to kill people, or ruin your health? Would you want to have a cold, fever, stomach flu, or anything else? No, right?



So there you have it, those are the summarized opinions of the people at BTMS, remember, this is not an article to attack anyone else’s opinions. If you take this offensively, I sincerely apologize, that is not the way I intend to write. If you have any problems with this article you can contact me at [email protected].