What Is The Best Type Of Candy?

What Candy do BTMS Students Prefer?

So, Halloween has come and passed. A night of crunchy leaves and scary costumes and bags upon bags of candy. There are some joys, the good candy. Then there are the Almond Joys you give to your parents. But what is the best Halloween candy? Now that we are drowning in candy, which candy does BTMS prefer? 


#10: Snickers

Snickers just slid their way into 10th place. With a whopping 8 votes, we can be assured that not many people like these candy bars. I personally enjoy the mixture of nuts, caramel, and chocolate, but I can understand why the combination might not be the favorite of most people. 


#9: Reeses

Reeses taking a good 9th place in this running. I’m starting to see a trend of peanut candies being in the bottom. Peanut allergies, I guess. The chocolate and peanut butter is a great combination but may get a bit messy if melted. 


#8: Smarties

This chalky, disk of candy came in 8th. Do I hate Smarties? No. Do I like Smarties? No. For me, this candy is in between. It isn’t good or bad, however, a whopping 10 people thought it was their favorite. Favorite is a subjective word. If you hand these out on Halloween the neighborhood kids will thank you, but perhaps not as much as if you handed out something else.



#7: M&Ms

M&Ms. The staple candy. These chocolate circles are iconic in taste and in pop culture. With 10 votes, M&Ms was put in 7th place by the people of BTMS. Quick to eat, not messy (unless they melt in your hand) and overall delicious, M&Ms have earned their place in the top 10 of candy. 


#6: Hershey’s Bars

A Hershey’s chocolate bar. A classic. Think of a chocolate bar, and you think of Hershey’s. Creamy and sweet, but simple. This chocolate bar, while being a good treat, just is too simple to stand up to some of the other candies that combine different textures and flavors. Hershey’s deserves its place in the middle. 


#5: KitKat

KitKats are a perfect example of a simple, yet interesting, candy. The chocolate makes for a classic taste, but the crunchy wafer helps make the texture interesting. They come in snack size, party size, bite size, and every other size that would be perfect for any occasion. However, if you bite the KitKat without breaking it first, we all know you are in the wrong. 


#4: Candy Corn 

Candy Corn, at least in my experience, has been a historically decisive candy. You either absolutely hate the sugary treat or absolutely love it. However, the students at our school seem to like Candy Corn! With 19 votes, it earns its place in the top 5. While Candy Corn comes mainly in its corn form, there are also other shapes, such as the iconic pumpkin Candy Corn. 


#3: Milky Way

Getting into the top 3 now! In 3rd place is Milky Way. These are my personal favorite type of candy, and I’m glad that you all agree with me. The caramel and the chocolate make for a delightful mix. Although, Milky Way can get a bit messy to chew, especially with braces! However, with 20 votes we can be sure that these are a good bet to hand out. 


#2: Skittles

Now in 2nd place, Skittles! Different than most of the candies in this article, Skittles are actually more of candy and not chocolate. They are chewy, colorful, and overall everything you could want in something you get for Halloween. 


#1: Twix

And now for first place….. Twix! With a whopping 36 votes, Twix has been voted the best Halloween candy by the students of BTMS! With the perfect texture mix of crunch and smooth caramel with the sweet chocolate, the way the Twix bar melts in your mouth is perfection. Overall, the students of our school have made a very good decision with voting Twix to be the best candy. 


With all of that decided, I hope that everyone at BTMS had a safe, fun, and scary Halloween, whether you dressed up and went trick-or-treating, watched a scary movie with loved ones, or went to a haunted house and got spooked! I also hope that everyone enjoys their candy, the obvious highlight of Halloween.