Photo Finder – Find the teacher!

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This is Us!
October 5, 2021
Jonah Sutcliffe

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Photo Finder
October 4, 2021
Lina Steinhagen

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This is Us!
October 5, 2021
Photo Finder - Find the teacher!

Welcome to Photo Finder – Find the teacher!

This contest is a bit different from the original Photo Finder, which by the way, if you haven’t participated in that, you can do that too! Anyway, in this competition, you will see a total of ten numbers in the photo. The goal is to guess as many room numbers as you can. If you know which teacher’s room number it is, then that’s one point. If you know the teacher’s name and the subject that they teach, that’s two points!! Here’s a freebie. For room 10, your comment could be ” In room 10 Mrs. Kostelecky teaches Social Studies and English, and then add your advisory teacher and your name.” This Photo Finder special edition also has special prizes, so make sure to enter!! Name as many as you can, the max points are 20 points!! You have two weeks, so find some teachers!! Good luck, bulldogs!

This time the contest goes from Monday, Nov. 29th, to Monday, December 13th.