News On The New Spider-Man Movie!


The upcoming movie in the Spider-Man series No Way Home has had fans excited since the first teaser was released. It was revealed that Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, and William Dafoe are all returning from their roles in the other Spider-Man movies. This has caused fans to speculate that the Spider-Man characters and actors from other movies are returning. This already a good reason to be excited, but something else has happened too. 


Sony Pictures leaked some extended footage from the trailer, and in it a character seems to be jumping to hit something, and is then hit by something. There’s nothing on screen that hits him though… This implies that someone or something was edited out to hide from people. The only thing they would really need to hide would be a major character they don’t want revealed. This has caused fans to speculate that they edited out the other Spider-Man characters to hide from fans so it would be a surprise. If so, that would be awesome because a lot of people prefer the other characters and have been wanting them back for a long time. I’m honestly very excited for this movie and I think it has the potential to be the best Marvel movie yet!