Featured Sports Players from December 6th to December 10th!


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Soren Ramerman, Communications

Featured Sports Players from December 6th to December 10th!


Mia Reinheimer: 

Mia pulled off an impressive hat trick against Evergreen last week, and in Mia’s first game she got 2 goals and 3 assists. Overall she got 5 goals and 5 assists. This is extremely impressive, great job Mia!


Isabella Dreitzler:

Isabella did a great job last week, she scored 4 goals in her first two games and one other goal against Evergreen. Really great job, Isabella!


Lorelai Baumann:

Lorelai did an amazing job against Hidden River with an outstanding 4 goals and 1 assist in one game. That’s pretty insane Lorelai! Keep up the amazing work!


Jack Gripentrog:

Amazing job, Jack! Jack scored 10 points and 15 rebounds last week and led the Bulldogs to an impressive victory. It’s pretty insane that Jack scored 10 and 15 boards to complete a very impressive triple-double. Great job, Jack!


Eli Agol: 

Great job Eli! Eli pulled in a great 7 boards and scored 6 points in the 7th-grade Bulldogs game. It’s sad that we lost but great job Eli! Keep up the great work!