Screens or Windows

Online may happen again, last time people were not ready for it. This time they wil be.

Screens or Windows

Malaya Bermodes, Writer

Students spent up to a year and a half learning online in some form. There were challenges for many, but advantages for some. Will we need to do school online again? Maybe not. But maybe there should be the option.

The Pros for online learning

  • Students can be at home without woring about bullies, being embarrassed, and clothing. Students may behave better because they don’t get the excitement of being the ‘class clown’
  • Parents don’t have to worry about their children’s way from and to school, for some parents they may have to work early in the morning and it can be stressful for the child aswell to have to wake up early just to make it to school.
  • Presentations are a lot less scary than in person learning because you don’t have the fear of speaking in front of a whole class. It can also be easier because teachers can be alot more flexible when online.
  • Could help students be more comfortable just in case their parents or themselves want to do online college or online highschool.

The Cons for online learning

  • Students may have a hard time focusing and staying on track when online because they are in their room which can be distracting.
  • Some students might have younger siblings that are loud and cause distractions in the middle of learning
  • Sometimes the internet can be a problem for teachers and students. Along with not being able to hear the teacher well enough.
  • Trying to wake up on time and not fall asleep was also challenging when online. Most people are in their beds because they just woke up, sometimes class can be boring which makes it alot harder to stay awake.

Ways to help yourself when online

  1. Try to have a snack and a drink nearby, eatting and drinking might keep you awake and it can be good so you don’t have to get up in the middle of class.
  2. Don’t get too comfortable in your bed.
  3. If you are like me and need to listen to something else to do work you can play a random show or song quietly in the background when you need to do work.
  4. You can do zooms with friends in classes if you are too scared to ask the teacher
  5. You can also do school work while in class, unless you get distracted easily.


Student Interview

I interviewed Kejsi Ukaj to see what her opinion is on online learning. Does she favour it? Or is it the last option in her book?

Interviewer – What grade did you start online learning?

Kejsi – All of 7th grade I was online

Interviewer – Did you like being online? Or would you rather have been in person?

Kejsi – I did not enjoy online learning because it was really stressful, I didn’t feel encouraged enough to do the work. I like it in person more because he Teachers encourage me more and I can understand the work better. It’s also easier to ask questions when I need help.

Interviewer – Would it be easier now to be online because we already have?

Kejsi – No, I think it’s gonna be much harder because students are not gonna care about school work unlike in person. 

Interviewer – Do you like that we are in person but do most assignments online?

Kejsi – I do like that we are in person much more because even though we do assignments online, we still understand the work. We can ask questions unlike online. You would have to wait until the teacher reads it which gets annoying. 

Interviewer – Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed 

Kejsi – You’re welcome, anytime.