Grim Reaper in Disguise


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Grim Reaper in Disguise

Pedro Lopez is a Colombian serial killer, he murdered a minimum of 110 young girls from 1969 to 1980 and claimed to have murdered over 350 victims across Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. Released from Colombian asylum in 1998, his whereabouts are currently unknown. 

Early Life

Lopez’s mother had thirteen children, and she didn’t have a very appropriate job. When Lopez was eight years old, he was evicted from his house because he was caught hitting his younger sister. He was then taken by a man and taken to a deserted house and abused. When he was twelve he was adopted by an American family then enrolled into school. He then again ran away from school because he was molested by a male teacher. At 18, he had an illegal job selling stolen cars, and at that time he got assaulted by a gang. He got caught and was put in prison, where he then killed 3 of his assaulters.


Lopez claimed that, during his incarceration for car theft, he was brutally gang-raped, and that subsequently, while he was still in prison, he hunted down the most brutal of his rapists and killed them. 

He said that after being released from prison, he moved to Peru and started murdering young girls. Lopez claimed that, by 1978, he had killed over 100 girls before being caught and captured by members of an indigenous tribe. These captors were preparing to execute him, when a missionary from the US intervened and persuaded them to hand him over to the state police. However,