The Dark Side of the Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel isn’t a innocent hotel, it has had many dark sides and nasty things lay within the hotel.



Katie Becker

 The Dark Side of the Cecil Hotel 

And the murders that lie within the 700 rooms.


Introduction of the Hotel

The Cecil Hotel also known as the Stay on Main Hotel was made in 1924 and still remains in Los Angeles. Although this Hotel has closed, the events and memories still remain. In 2014, the hotel was sold to a New York hotelier, Richard Born, for 30 million dollars. Back in the 1900s, the Hotel was famous for the mystery suicides and murders that occurred within. Along with suicides, many murders happened, along with famous serial killers like Richard Ramirez. 

The Haunted Rooms

1402 – Richard Ramirez stayed in the room for several months through 1984-1985.

506 – Elisa Lam stayed in the room for 2 days before her mysterious death.

8th floor, unknown room – Julia Frances Moore who stayed there for barely a day before committing suicide.  

Along with these rooms with many more, the hotel seems to be haunted. Many ghost hunters and mediums go there to check out the haunted energy of the haunted hotel.

The Murders and Murderers of the Hotel

This hotel was originally known as a middle-class hotel on December 20, 1924, in Downtown Los Angeles, which eventually became a bigger, more popular hotel, hostel, and rooming house. Its reputation isn’t as great though, as it has at least 16 sudden or unexplained deaths, along with many killers that stayed there in the few rooms of the hotel. Serial killer Richard Ramirez was a resident of the hotel before his capture in 1985. It is believed that Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker and Valley Intruder committed some crimes while at the hotel. The data of the deaths shows that they are mostly from falling from their room or the roof, so, is this a coincidence, or does something in the Cecil mess with people’s minds?


There are many theories surrounding the Cecil Hotel, many that can be debunked and many that cannot. 

  1. Elisa Lam was murdered. 
  2. It is haunted by other ghosts nearby
  3. Elisa Lam’s murder was a copycat murder

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We also watched the series on Netflix about the Cecil hotel.