BTMS Races into their First Track Win!


Soren Ramerman, Communications

Last week was the first track meet of the season when College Place came to BTMS. With over 200 total athletes between the schools, it was a competitive meet. However, BTMS came out on top in all boys and girls groups. 7th-grade

Boys had the biggest victory with a 73-31 team score and 8th-grade boys barely pulled it out 54.5-50.5.

The biggest winners of the day were Brynlee Dubiel with 3 wins, Jasmine Gill with 3 wins, Owen Boswell with 2 wins, and Daniel Ji and Sean Connors with 2 exciting wins. 

The crowd was excited despite the gloomy weather, and if you missed it, BTMS will be competing at home again on Wednesday, May 4th.