My All Time Serie A starting 11 (4-3-3 defensive)


The Serie A is definitely one of the more forgotten leagues in the world, but it has had a lot of superstars that had been in the league, it is the Italian league, and it is home of this all time starting 11.


Starting as the main thinker, the person that thinks around the opponent, Jose Mourinho has been a dominant coach for many years, and is currently coaching AS Roma. He has had a lot of success with multiple teams, and he knows how to use everybody’s separate abilities. 


Moving onto my goalkeeper, I am taking the goalkeeper Gianligi Buffon. He has been easily one of the best champions league goalkeepers of all time, during his time with Juventes and has been possibly the best ever at saving penalties.


As my two center backs, I would like the iconic duo of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci. These two demons have been insane while controlling the Serie A over many years, and have definitely proven themselves to be the best center backs in the league.


On their left, I think that Paolo Maldini is the best left back possibly of all time. He was a great defender while he was in Milan, and won multiple derby matches by leading the team and using his physical strength. On the other hand, I would like Cafu, and I have been blessed with being able to watch him play before on an old rewind. I only saw him play once, but it changed my entire perspective on what a right back should be doing.


Onto my midfield, in the center defensive midfield spot, I want Andrea Pirlo. He is one of the most underrated players of all time, and was an absolute beast in any team that he played on. He has absolutely proven himself to me that he deserves to be on this list. At the left center midfield position, Lothar Matthaus. He is a very dominant player, and very consistent, and that’s why he is one of the best midfielders of all time.  To the far right, I want the legend Zinedine Zidane. Known most famously for headbutting Marco Materazzi in the 2006 world cup, but everybody forgets how dominant he was. I know that a lot of people will argue that he should be playing up front, but I think he worked better in midfield.


Now moving onto the front 3, as the left winger, I want the best left winger of all time. He has been on both of the other teams that I built, but he is still the best player to touch any of them other than arguably Messi. You know him, Cristiano Ronaldo. I shouldn’t have to explain this at all, but some things that describe Ronaldo are: tall, fast, strong, dominant, and best. That’s it, he’s the best at what he does. Onto the right wing, I want Garrincha. He didn’t play that many games in the Serie A, yet he is still a Portugal legend. I haven’t been able to see him play, but a lot of people that have seen him play have told me that he had the same floor as some players’ ceilings. He was one of the most consistent players of all time.


Now, the big question is, who is the striker? There have been multiple awesome strikers in the Serie A, but the all time best striker to ever bless the Serie A, Diego Maradona. He spent 7 years in the Serie A, and people all over the world were talking about him. He was easily one of the best players to ever touch the soccer ball. Like Zidane, he was known for something that happened on the pitch that was utterly shocking. It is well known that Maradona performed “The Hand of God,” and that he became even more famous for it. 


Know that the starting 11 have been finished, please let me know what is different from your Serie A starting 11!