Car Culture


Isaac Baumann and Ethan Hudson

The car community is a world of joy. There are reasons for the big community of car people and reasons for hate in the car world. The amount of different car enthusiasts is insane. There are track cars, stance cars. JDM cars, Muscle cars, show cars, off road/4×4, and many more. 

Media & Films

Films like Fast and the Furious and Initial D are some of the biggest influencers in car culture. The Fast and Furious franchise is the main influence that still drives car enthusiasts today.  These movies show what these car enthusiasts want to do and it makes them want to do it themselves. 

Video Games

Games such as “Forza” and “Need for Speed” have had a huge influence on car culture. They provide a world where you can have your car and become a “car person,” without leaving the house or spending a ton of money. The game  “Forza Horizon 4” shows many worlds of racing and even “Need For Speed” shows stance and track cars. You can make your dream reality and look forward 13 years and see that car you made when you were 10 years old sitting in your driveway.

Car Community

The car community is very diverse. A lot happens with car people liking different types of cars and it tends to bring hate for other types of cars. Some car enthusiasts would say JDM (Japanese domestic market) cars are slow and have small engines. Well, that is not true; an inline 6 with a turbo engine has more power for less money. Many JDM enthusiasts say that Muscle Guy is just about power and that performance isn’t focused enough through those cars. That is just two of thousands of examples there are to speak of.

In the end, we can all gather together and talk about our shared interests because we are all in it together and the experience and friends we make along the way make it all worth it.