November Talk With Teya


Teya Shook, communications department

You asked and Teya answered! 

How to cope/deal with stress.

Exercise and a well-balanced diet are two ways to reduce stress levels.  If school and work are stressing you out, take breaks from your current job/assignment to do other things like eat a quick snack, take a short walk or get something else done.  You can always go back to your task after your break.  Another way to cope with stress is to make time for something you enjoy or a hobby you have, doing something you like can take away from the stress you’re feeling.  I hope this helps.


How to stay productive/not procrastinate.

Having someone check on you from time to time and minimizing distractions are two excellent ways to help stop procrastination.  Making checklists helps with staying on task, if things start to get stressful take a short break and continue in a little bit.  Rephrase the ways you say things, for example, don’t tell yourself you are bad at something, instead tell yourself that there’s room for improvement and you can get better.  Good luck.


Organizing and planning when to do assignments.

I’ve said this to a couple of other people, but what works for me is getting my assignments done and turned in the day they’re assigned.  That’s a little hard to do if the teacher hasn’t talked about them yet, but I try to get as much done as I can.  I really hope this helps, good luck.


Coming out to my guardian.

The first piece of advice I have for you, and everyone else who wants to come out, take your time!  You need to be ready to come out; if you aren’t ready, you shouldn’t tell your parents.  When I came out I honestly just flat out told my mom, but if that’s not something you are willing to do, take things slow, maybe over the course of a couple of weeks drop small hints, and later on, maybe your hints get bigger and more obvious, eventually, they should catch on, but if they don’t, I think it’d be best to just say it.  Another thing you could do is make jokes or come out in a funny way.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like jokes, so maybe it would be easier for them to handle if you told them in a funny way.  If you feel coming out is going to put you in an unsafe position, don’t.  I hope this helps, and good luck! 🙂


Friend issues.

I’m taking your word into consideration, so I won’t tell you to talk to them about how you feel.  My advice to you is to try your best to make plans to hang out with them too, and maybe try to make other friends you can hang out with when they are hanging out with each other.  I’ve been in your position and the best thing I could do was leave it alone, they wanted to be friends, I had to deal with it and stop getting upset when they wanted to hang out.  If you make other friends to hang out with or have other friends to spend time with it´ll make it easier to let them hang out without you.  I hope this helped.


How should I tell someone I like them.

I would first make sure you are friends with them, then prepare yourself for rejection, the worst thing they can tell you is they don’t like you back.  Telling them how you feel could be the easiest part of this, but it could also be the worst, it just depends on who you are.  There are many ways to confess your feelings to someone, I personally think the best way is to find something that’s unique or something that would remind the person of you.  For example, I am a creative person, and I told my last crush via crossword.  But there’s always the note option and the saying ¨I like you¨ option.  If I were in your position I would brainstorm different ways to tell them and weigh out the pros and cons of each option.  I hope this helped, good luck! 


How to make friends during remote learning if your current friends do not want to hang out often.

Have you tried talking to them about hanging out?  If you have, and it hasn’t helped, maybe you could try to join a club, clubs are probably your best solution to making friends during remote learning.  If you don’t know how to access the list of clubs, go to your grade level canvas and click on the ¨CLUBS¨ button, there should be a link to a google spreadsheet and a few club posters.  I hope this helps, Good luck making friends.


How to fix technology errors.

I’m not super good with technology, so my best advice for you is to look up the error on google.  You might be able to find some possible solutions.  I hope this helps.


My little brother is annoying, and no matter how many times I tell him to stop he just keeps on going. What should I do for him to stop?

I think you should talk to your parents/guardians about it.  They´ll definitely be able to help.  I wish I could give you more advice than that, but I can’t.  Good luck.


How to stay focused in class.

To stay focused in class, try to have only the tabs opened that you NEED open.  Try to limit the distractions around you, like if you have toys or drawing stuff near you, try to be somewhere farther away from them.  Maybe keep your cell phone on silent or do not disturb.


I would like advice on how to be better at homework.

If it’s grades you have trouble with, I can’t tell you much but it would be smart to talk to your teachers, make sure that you understand everything that you’re being taught.  If it has something to do with getting assignments turned in on time, what works for me is getting things done the same day they are assigned, it might seem like a lot but I´ve noticed with my teachers it really isn’t as much as it seems.


I would like advice on how to keep up with classes.

What helps me is getting the work done and turned in the day it’s assigned.  I’ve noticed that it’s really not that much work if you take the time to get it turned in the day it’s assigned.  I hope this helps.


I don’t want to self-diagnose but I feel like I might have social anxiety or anxiety. I’m too scared to tell my parents.

The first thing I would do is do research on social anxiety and its symptoms, then you can do one of two things 1.) wait till the next time you have a doctor check-up and talk to your doctor then, but that bad thing about this is you might not get the help you need for a long time.  And 2.) talk to your parents, I know it might be scary but I think it’s the best way to get the help you need fast.  If you feel you REALLY cant talk to your parents, try talking to another trusted adult.  I hope this helps.


Sometimes, my Zoom will not let me leave the meeting, so I have to turn off my computer.

Maybe try deleting zoom and redownloading it, maybe your Chromebook needs to update, if these don’t work, I’m not sure how to help.  Good luck.


My whole family is kind of on edge. they get really mad at me if I don’t finish an assignment on time and won’t listen to me while I try to explain myself.

Not that long ago I had many missing assignments, and when my mom found out she got mad at me, and I was grounded, so I spent a little bit of extra time every day for about a week to get everything turned in.  If you focus on doing assignments that are assigned the day you are doing work, it shouldn’t be too hard to get things turned in on time.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, and take breaks to reset your mind.  I really hope this helps, and good luck with your parents.


How to talk to people. 

I would talk to people who look like they have similar interests/qualities so you’ll have something to talk about.  I know it’s hard to talk to people, when I came to BTM I thought I wouldn’t have any friends because I’m so shy, that very quickly changed when an extrovert adopted me into their friend group.  What I do is talk to myself in the mirror before trying to talk to new people, I know it sounds weird, but it really helps.  I talk to myself exactly how I would talk to a new person, I come up with interesting things that a person could possibly say to me and carry conversations on from that.  Then when I get the chance to talk to someone I kinda know what to say.  I hope this helped.


Me and my parents have to deal with living with my grandma who is a narcissist which is someone who tries to manipulate people and make them guilty about small things.

Whatever mean things your grandma says about you and/or your parents, you should ignore her.  Nobody’s opinion about you should change the way you think of yourself, if your parents need to hear this too, you should tell them.  I hope this helps


Having to have a conversation with a stranger. And how to keep the conversation going.

I struggle with this a lot but I try to talk to strangers that have some of the same qualities as myself.  For example, if I see someone wearing merch from a band I like I could compliment them and make conversation about bands/groups they like, maybe even ask them some of their favorite songs.  If they are someone that you go to school with it’ll be somewhat easy to talk to them later since you already know a little about them. Look for some similar qualities or hints that they have some similar interests, start a conversation from these qualities or interests.


I want to know how to be more confident.

I have had a lot of trouble with confidence in the past, and the best thing I can say is when it comes to talking to friends about being a better person, bring the subject up with your closest friends, and I know that might be hard to ask, even your closest friends; the way I say things Im too shy to say is saying the line or question out loud to myself for a while and when I get the chance to talk to my friends, I pretend im saying it to myself, just like I practiced in the past.  I know people say things we don’t want to hear but we just have to prepare for the worst.- Think about the worst possible outcomes and when the question is asked they most likely aren’t going to be as bad as we expect them to be. 


One of my friends really wants to talk to me all the time, but I’m really busy with school almost every day.

I know it might be hard, but you should try your best to make a little time for her.  It doesn’t have to be a lot, but I bet she’d really appreciate it if you did, maybe if you have time on the weekends you can talk to her then and use your weekdays for school.  I hope this helps

I would like to know how teachers feel about remote school. 

I emailed a few teachers so I didn’t have to guess how they were feeling, here’s what they said:

¨I totally prefer in-person learning over remote school.  I think it’s much better for students and teachers if we are in the actual classroom.  It seems like remote learning is more stressful for students and teachers.  However, I also recognize that in-person school is probably too risky right now, so I appreciate the extra effort students are putting in to stay connected and keep learning.  Hopefully we’ll be back in the building soon.¨ – Mr. Tucker

¨I always thought that one day I would end up teaching one course online, like, be a full-time teacher and also teach an online course.  I’ve been an online student before (and I am one currently) and it’s something that interested me.  I still think I will do that one day, but being an online teacher is much more difficult than I ever dreamed it would be.  After last spring, I wanted to be a better online math teacher so I spent the summer doing some training; I was so excited at the beginning of the year.  But in the end, 25 minutes is just too little time to do all that I want to do… so I feel really limited right now.  In addition, sitting in front of a computer has been so difficult!  I’m one of those teachers that is constantly walking around the room; it’s just so tough to sit at a computer all day.  I also am a really personable teacher and I can’t form those same relationships with kids through a computer.  So, I miss in-person school like crazy!  I do this job because I like kids, not because I like blabbing about math all day!¨ – Ms. Longworth

¨Thanks for asking.  I sure do miss in-person learning with my students!  I miss working with students in person, in the building, more than I expected.  Working with black boxes of student names is just not what I originally signed up for, you know what I mean?  I know Continuous Learning 2.0 is far from ideal and our students are feeling the strain.  However, the overwhelming message that I’m getting and seeing is that our students are resilient and flexible!  I don’t love the circumstances we’re in right now but I am feeling so inspired by the general student attitude and approach to this new and often strange way of learning and attending school.  My students’ courage and willingness to give new things a try motivates and inspires me everyday. ¨ – Ms. Lee

I hope this answers your question, have a great day.


I got invited to a Zoom call with some students from my computer science class to work on our project for the end of the quarter, but we did not even work on the assignment.

If they’re talking about things that make you uncomfortable I would say something like ¨Can we talk about our assignment, this conversation is making me uncomfortable.¨  Changing the subject is hard, so if you choose to join their next zoom meeting, remind them that they’re all there to work on the project, if this doesn’t work I think you should talk to your teacher about it and maybe they can help.


How to join clubs.

All clubs are going to be via zoom.  To find clubs, go to your grade level canvas, there should be a ¨CLUBS¨ button and when you click it, it will take you to a page that shows some club posters and a link to a google spreadsheet that shows all clubs.

When does a book get too violent/gross/scary/you just don’t want to read it anymore, and can you outline the main reasons and elaborate? Thank you!

I probably can’t help you with this because I have a high gore tolerance; however, Ouija Boards and demons bother me (only in books and movies).


How do I talk to people without dissolving into an awkward mess?

Talk to people who look like they have similar interests as you, it’ll make it easier to make conversation, you’ll know what to talk about and know-how to carry on a conversation, try your best to make some eye contact, but not too much because then it might seem weird.  I hope this helps, good luck.


How to keep up with classes.

The assignments teachers give might seem like a lot; however, I noticed that it’s easiest for me to keep up with classes if I do an assignment the day it’s assigned.  Something else that might help is making a list of your assignments for the week and cross them off when you’ve turned it in.  I hope this helps.


Easier ways to make new friends virtually.

If you want to make friends virtually, I think it’d be smart to join a club, you’ll already know you have something in common with them, because you´re in the same club, and that might help with striking up conversations.  Good luck, I hope this helps.


What to do about bullies.

If you´re being bullied you should talk to a teacher or trusted adult.  Another thing that might help is to ignore what people are saying about you.  I know it might seem hard, but no one’s opinion should be more important than your own.  I hope this helps.



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