Video game Reveiws


Teya Shook, communications department


Bubble Bobble is originally a 1986 arcade game developed and published by Taito. Bubble Bobble Neo! is a Remake of the original made for Nintendo, Xbox, and other consoles.  In this game (If you’re playing One player), you will be playing a green dinosaur that spits bubbles.  Your task is to complete 100 levels, Defeat the boss, and save the girl.  You defeat levels by capturing monsters in your bubbles and popping them before they can escape.  Each level gets more challenging to complete, some levels have special bubbles like water, lightning, and fire that can help you defeat monsters quickly.  If you haven’t defeated ANY monsters by a certain amount of time, an invincible enemy appears to take away one of your three lives.  I’m assuming this enemy is in the game to prevent you from getting stuck in a level. This game is one of my favorite games, it’s fun and somewhat challenging.  I would have given Bubble Bobble neo 5 starts; however, the music is very repetitive and gets annoying very quickly.




Zuma is a color matching game that requires quick thinking and a great amount of skill.  This is by far the most challenging game I’ve ever played and have yet to defeat.  Your goal in this game is to pop a very large chain of colored balls, the chain will keep coming until you ¨zuma¨.   In order to Zuma, you have to get a certain amount of points, the amount of points needed continuously gets larger and harder to achieve. To pop the colored balls, you have to match 3 of the same color in a row, the quickest way to Zuma is to focus on matching colors consecutively that already have at least two of the same colored ball, the more you match in a row the more points you get. If you pop colors in between two of the same color the chain will get rid of the gap and make sure the same color is touching.  There are many special balls like an explosion ball, an accuracy ball which makes it easier to shoot balls at their colors without missing, and a ¨pause¨, which slows the movement of the chain.  As the levels get harder they add more colors, the colors include red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white.  I personally love the game Zuma, however, it is very stressful.  The music is very intense and when the chain is about to go into the ¨skeleton mouth¨ there is a very obnoxious pounding sound that gets very scary when you´re just about finished with the level. I recommend Zuma to anyone who’s looking for a challenge. Zuma is available on all following platforms; Java, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Classic Mac OS, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, DoJa.




This is a review for both of the left 4 dead games. I LOVE the games and I really have fun with them.  My Xbox 360 broke about a year ago; however, I refuse to get rid of my precious left 4 dead games.  I will most likely buy them for my Xbox One in the near future, but I don’t have the time or money now.  I enjoy these games and have a burning love for them.  The overall goal in both of these games is to get to safety, meaning finding living things without flesh and blood in between their teeth.  I have a deeper desire for the second one since I have played through that game many times.  My strongest memory is being in ¨The sugar mill¨ level looking for all of the witches and I remember being able to hear one but never being able to find it.  My best friend still today laughs at the anger I expressed that day, I did find out what happened to the one witch I couldn’t find, she glitched under the map, and I had walked straight over her many times searching for her.  This game is a great game and is especially fun when playing with a friend.  Most of my friendships was built off of these games and I am very proud of how quickly my best friend and I could get through ¨Act 1: Hotel”.  I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys shooting games and zombies.