Gunnars Reviews Watch Dogs Legion Review


Gunnar Willson, Video Production

Hello Guys,

Watchdogs” are a series of games about hacking and taking down enemies of Dedsec, a hacking organization that helps the world.  Gunnar is here to review “Watchdogs Legion.” 


“Watchdogs Legion” is based in London where you build a resistance.  You can play as anyone in London.  ANYONE!  There are over 9 million NPCs with more generated every day and you can play as any of them. The story was written really well, and the game play was something new and will change NPCs forever. The further you go, the better it gets and introduces more and more villains along the way.  You recruit more people and build the team of your play style. 


The game play is good but the game is very buggy and the multiplayer isn’t out until December, which is kinda weird. 

Overall Rating

I strongly recommend this game and I hope you guys pick up a copy and play it for yourselves.  I rate this game a solid 7 out of 10, for mainly having a great story and game play, but sometimes the NPCs will like to glitch out and won’t work. I thought the game was really good. 

See ya guys later on Gunnars gaming reviews!