What Remote vs Hybrid learning like for students

Now a days, simple things like logging to your computer could be a challenge, this article shows the challenges and and advantages of students at BTM, to show how people are doing during Remote vs Hybrid learning.


Halle Connell, Writer

What Remote vs Hybrid learning like for students

By Halle Connell

There’s nothing like a warm bed in the morning, the sun slowly hitting your body and you feel the light beaming from your window, until we are all interrupted by the most annoying sound on planet earth, an alarm, to go to a place that you expected to be lockers and kids who are just as annoyed as you are, and yet here we all are, sitting in front of a computer that we don’t even own, watching a teacher tell you what to work on in class. But what is the class this year?

In 2020, ever since COVID19 spread like wildfire, many schools are choosing to do Remote learning, and eight months later, after schools closed down, Remote learning is still continuing for many, some find it stressful, others find it better than in-person learning. 

Most people consider a class to be full of engaging students, others consider it somewhere you learn, but usually when you hear the word “classroom” most immediately think of when they were in school or the classroom they saw on TV once, classrooms full of books and picture of the alphabet, and a chalkboard in the front surrounded by desks full of students. But that was 2019 news, now almost anywhere can be a classroom, and people definitely take it to their advantage, sitting on comfy couches, beds, bean bag chairs, even bathrooms have been used as someone’s classroom once, I’m currently writing this article you’re reading now, in my bed. So needless to say, this is definitely an advantage for most, but not all.

In hybrid learning, people would definitely have a better advantage in person than over a computer, and being stuck in your house with your family in the same spot for days on end can definitely affect you, and it has definitely affected peoples academic ability compared to when all you had to do was raise your hand to ask a question or speak. Now you have to type something in chat or speak over zoom, and some glitch out, some get kicked out, but yet here we all are, most still going strong, but there are some challenges with this.

I put out a survey for students to answer anonymously how Remote learning is compared to Hybrid, and 65% of students wrote that they would prefer Hybrid learning more than Remote learning, while 34% liked Remote better. They reported that, yes, they want to stay safe but they would like to get to know students and staff more so they don’t feel as distant. Many also reported that they are stressed; 31% of students reported that most days they are stressed and 36% say that some days they are stressed. The reason seems to involve mostly people worrying about grades or assignments, or not being able to communicate with teachers and other students. One student responded “It’s hard because you can’t see your friends in your classes, you can’t get to know your class or your teacher, and you can’t work together on assignments” while someone else responded, “I like remote learning. It has its challenges like if I have a question. Advantages: I can go at my own speed.” In my opinion both are understandable. Now with almost everything on computers it’s not only how you did on the assignment you have to worry about, now there’s a chance that it may come in late or not come in at all, this can be extremely frustrating and stressful. But in some cases you can go at your own speed and take your time because you aren’t in a class full of thirty students, both are recognizable for being an advantage or a disadvantage.

Some students say the reason they are stressed is 2020 altogether, and I completely agree. Though this year is stressful we are close to the end of it and hopefully things will get better by 2021. Remember to stay home stay safe Bulldogs!