Best of Binge-Watching Streaming Video Services

What are the best streaming services?

Chelsea Guertin, Writer

First thing I would like to say is that some of my favorite shows to binge-watch on Netflix are New Girl, The 100, Fuller House, On my Block, Outer banks, H2O, and Atypical. There are other video streaming apps like Hulu, Prime, Disney Plus and YouTube. The most popular is YouTube followed by Netflix then Hulu.

One pro about YouTube is that it is for the most part a free streaming service. The cons about Netflix and Hulu is that they require a membership that you have to pay for. Some of the membership fees range from $8-$60 an month depending on what they have to offer. If you are wanting to watch live TV it will be on the higher end of the price range.

Studies show that people are getting rid of regular cable and satellite due to the high cost. This is also a result of more streaming services coming more popular. The bad part of the streaming services is that people are getting to much screen time. When people can watch what they want and when they want, that can make bad unhealthy life styles. During Covid times, screen time has gone up significantly. Especially since most kids are spending a lot of time on computers for remote learning, that number is probably in the really unhealthy levels. Some side effects of to much screen time are headaches and weight gain. People can get blue light glasses to block out the harmful rays of the screen lights and they need to still get exerciser in daily. If people can be more aware of how much screen time they are getting, they might think of more ways to live a better life.

Streaming devices are another thing to consider. With new technology we can watch what ever we want when we want. Televisions located in peoples houses used to be the only way we could watch shows. Now we can watch shows on computers, cell phones, tablets and even some eye glasses have little screens in them to watch shows. You can watch shows at restaurants, airports, cars, airplanes, and at the dentist!

All these different ways to watch shows can be a good thing. Sometimes it is a way to entertain yourself while you have nothing to do. I see parents give their kids cell phones to entertain them when they need to get something done. It also helps up keep up with important topics like news.

It is all at our finger tips.