Covid-19 and Ski Season

What to Know For The 20-21 Ski Season

Covid-19 and Ski Season

Josie Roberts, Writer

“Covid-19.” Last year, if someone had mentioned this to you, you’d probably have no clue what they were talking about. The word is now commonplace in speech. We all know about the normal things it affects, but what about a problem you probably didn’t ponder; What happens to ski season?Like most things nowadays, precautions have to be taken, but luckily enough ski season isn’t canceled. While the season isn’t canceled, here are a few things you should know before hitting the slopes.

Lifts and Lift Lines

Masks will be required in the lift lines along with the lifts, but you won’t have to wear them while skiing. Social distancing measures will be taken in the lines and on the lifts. Singles will either ride alone, or with a few seats in between them, and groups will ride together. 

Lodges and Dining

Lodges will either be closed or with limited capacity, and masks will be required. Cash will not be accepted for dining, but card and mobile will be.


Tickets are available online and must be bought in advance, not by ticket window. Reservations will be required to attend the mountain.


Lessons must be booked in advance instead of at the ticket window. Class sizes will be limited for group lessons.

With lots of businesses closing down, it’s good to support our local ski mountains. I gathered the info from multiple local ski resort sites so details may vary for different mountains. Even with the restrictions implemented,  there’s nothing stopping you from exploring our wicked slopes.



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