Clubs! Clubs! Clubs!


Clubs are starting up and there are quit a lot this year. Many clubs are up and running even during the pandemic. You can see the list of many different clubs in your 7th or 8th grade Canvas modules, and in this article, I am personally very excited for the clubs this year and maybe you will be too. There are a lot of different clubs containing different topics from video games to Debate club, and they’re all open to join, so see if you’d like any of them!

Video Game Club

Video games are quite fun and exciting, a way to relax and have fun with your fellow peers, well, we have a club for that! Mr. Treadway is holding a club meet every Friday, from 2:30 to 4:30 for people to come and just play video games. “I like my club and my hope is that students continue to join and find people who share their interest in playing video games.” Mr. Treadway states.

GSA Club

Acceptance is something we all need to get through life and feel comforted, whether this is by a friend, family, or peers. Gender and Sexuality Alliances club is where LGBTQ+ and allies come, hangout and have chats with each other as a safe space for people in the LGBTQ+ community. This club is held by Ms. Longworth, and they hold meetings from 2:45 to 3:30 on Tuesdays.

Debate Club

Debate club is held by Ms. Poole, where they discuss current issues that have been debated for awhile. This is a way to test your rebuttal skills while debating with other students, and to see what opinions previals. Aliya and Abigail, the students that run the club love debating, “Abigail and I both love debating and we believe that the beauty of it is that it’s a civil argument. It’s how to calmly prove a point and defend your side but also show respect for the other side. Being able to have this kind of a civil argument is an essential life skill because you can easily defend yourself and learn about different viewpoints on important topics such as politics and education” Aliya states. If you want to try your perspective on arguments, try out Debate club.

Manga Club

Manga club is a club where you can enjoy your day by reading manga, watching anime and chatting, advised by Ms. Wertman. “My Manga club’s main goal is to connect students that have a passion for Manga and Anime.  It’s fun for them to talk with each other, share their favorites and meet new people,” Ms. Wertman states. They meet from 2:30 to 3:30 on Mondays, and are having an Art Contest soon, more details will be provided in advisory when it is posted.

100 Mile Club

100 mile club is a perfect club to get some exercise and have some time to just work on your cardio exercise. Ms. Schulz and Ms. Wertman hold meetings on Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30. Ms. Schulz and Wertman’s goal for their club is to get everyone in BTM to complete 100 miles. “Our goal is to get as many BTMS students, staff and families to complete 100 Miles by the end of the year. This might include: running, jogging, walking, alternative activities that are vigorous and at least 20 minutes in duration. Participants earn incentives/prizes along the 100 mile journey. The first incentive is a cool t-shirt when we reach 25 miles!” So if you enjoy jogging and want test your cardio activity, this club is perfect for you.

Chess Club

Chess is a pretty well known game, and it is quite enjoyable, there are always new ways to see how to win. In the chess club they play chess online. It is advised by Ms. Rivera, and is run by Joshua Ngo and Alex Klarman. “It was Joshua and Alex who figured out a way for them to play weekly tournaments online. They are having a great time playing every week and I’m learning a lot just by watching and listening to their games! They would like to have more members join the club so that they can have bigger tournaments and get to play different opponents each week.” states Ms. Rivera.

Wednesday/Tuesday Hangout club

On Wednesday at 2:30 to 3:00, you can hangout with our principal Mr. Morrison. You can ask questions, schedule private breakout rooms with friends, or just chat with one another. On Tuesdays, it is the same as Wednesday, but held by Ms. Kostelecky from 2:30 to 3:00.

La Chispa Club

La Chispa Club is a club for people who identify as Latino to come and interact and learn about Latino culture, language, and history, and share stories with each other and interests. Ms. Rosario, who runs the club states, “The goal of the club is to provide a fun and safe space for our students to learn about their culture, history and language.  In addition, in this club students will also learn about leadership and how to contribute to our school and community based on its needs.” Along with learning about each others history and culture, students in this club will learn about leadership and contributing to the community. They hold clubs from 2:30 to 3:30 on Tuesdays and it starts on the 8th of December.

Art Club

Art is a great way to express things you can’t put into words; there are many great artists and people who really enjoy drawing and painting. In this club you can do exactly that! There will be art lessons teaching concepts and techniques you can try. “We will be learning some art concepts and techniques. For example, we will be learning how to do grid drawing. I am hoping that art club will be a safe space for students to create art and share art,” says Ms. Ramos. So if you want to have fun, learn new art styles, and show off your art to other artists, this club is a perfect choice. They hold meetings on Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:15.

Harry Potter Club

I’m guessing most of you know of the book series and movies Harry Potter, it’s very popular and a great series when your bored. Many love Harry Potter and many people can bond over their interests in this fun topic. Harry Potter Club is a perfect way to interact with the people who enjoy Harry Potter just like you. In this club they talk about their favorite characters, how the movies were compared to the books, they play trivia and other games that involve Harry Potter as well. Ms. Shoults is the Advisor of this club and says, “Our first meeting was lots of fun, and we would love to have more members! Everyone is welcome- even if you haven’t finished reading the books, or if you have only seen the movies. The only thing you need is a love of Harry Potter!” As long as you love Harry Potter you are welcome into this club. They meet on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30.

Animal Community Club

Animal community club is around raising fundraisers for local animal shelters and helping animals through the school and their club. They meet on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:15. They are held by Ms. Clark, some of her students state, “What we’re trying to do here in the animal community club is we are trying to help animals out there that need some help like adoption and supplies. This Club is supposed to be fun but also helpful for the animals out there.” and “The club is about helping animals go into the right homes and getting them what they need so it’s more than just for fun.”. So if you want to help the animal community you can do it through the Animal Community Club and help animals in need.

Among Us Club

A recently added club featuring Mr. Fink and Ms. Giroux, is the Among Us Club held on Wednesday from 2:30 to 3:30, Mr. Fink, one of the advisors states, “We will be grouping students together in as big of groups as we can, and letting them start and create games with those in their groups. The hope is that students will be able to stay connected with a common interest while we are continuing our Distance Learning model.” When you join you will be put into a breakout room to play Among Us as a group. Though the club has only been open for a little while, you can still join and have fun with fellow classmates.

TV Club

TV is a well known way for entertainment, and most enjoy watching it. Well did you know you could do that at school? With the TV Club that you and your friends and peers could gather around and talk about movies and shows they find interesting along with watching them too! The advisor for this club, Ms. Betz, quotes, “My hope is that students can chat and discuss their favorite shows and we can watch clips. I like the idea for the club and my father was a TV salesman for General Electric back in the day, so I grew up with television.” So if you’re into shows and television, TV Club is a great option. They meet from 2:30 to 3:15 on Fridays.


There are a lot of clubs in our school and more to come, full of diversity and options, there’s a choice for everyone. This was my input on each of the clubs. If you want more information you can visit your grade modules, or copy and paste this link into a new tab: