December- Talk with Teya


Teya Shook, communications department

What are some fun activities for a family night?

Board games! There are tons of fun board games you can play with your family, my favorite is cribbage (it takes a while to get good at it though) another fun activity is watching movies, I think it’d be smart for one person to pick the movie each family night and alternate every time, it won’t cause chaos and arguments over what people want to watch.


How to Keep Organized this School Year

Lists are always a good idea, it makes it harder to forget things and they’re somewhat easy to maintain. I have a chore list for every day of the week.


What do we do if we don’t like a teacher of ours?

It depends on what the reason is, if your teacher is rude to you or is disrespectful, you should talk to your counselor about it, they might be able to help. If you dislike the way your teacher teaches you, you can look up a different way to get the same answer or a different way of doing it that works for you.


Maybe advice on school work, and how we can improve in it if others need it?

I want to be sure I’m answering this one correctly. In the next survey, could you further explain what you are asking?


How to be more confident?

I struggle with confidence every day, some days are better than others. If it looks, wear what you feel comfortable in, wear what YOU think you look good in, it doesn’t matter what others think. If you aren’t confident with school, maybe join an office hour to make sure you understand what’s being taught and you know what’s going on.


Covid 19 and how to prevent getting the coronavirus

Wear a mask, stay six feet apart, and don’t gather in large groups.


How to not procrastinate/ staying productive in quarantine

To stay productive- maybe you should make a morning routine, or clean up your working space. Use your time wisely, we really don’t have much time in a day. I normally get all schoolwork done, then chores, and I still have some time for myself and time to be unproductive. Not to procrastinate- the first thing you need to do is forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past, then you should work on minimizing distractions around you and ask yourself if you’re 100% ready to commit to a task, if you are, work on it. I hope this helps!


What should I do if I’m stressed out?

Take some time to yourself, and take breaks from what’s stressing you out. Fresh air and exercise help me a lot when I’m feeling stressed. 


What do you do when you want to pay a lot for someone’s Christmas present, but they don’t want you to?

I know many people who get pretty upset when I buy them gifts, they hate when anyone spends money on them and feel they have to do something in return. Maybe that’s how they feel, you should talk to them about how they feel when people buy them things and take what they say into consideration. I completely understand what it’s like wanting to spend a lot of money on someone, I LOVE buying people gifts and spending money on people other than myself. Maybe if they’re alright with it you could buy them something cheaper or maybe even make them something. 


I want to try to reconnect with a friend I have had a fight with, but don’t know the best direction to begin with.

If they felt you did something wrong you should address what you did and how you could change your actions, offer your best solutions, and apologize. Remember to tell them how you feel. If both you and your friend did something wrong, address not only what you did but what they did and how that made you feel. I recommend a call or facetime- if you don’t have a phone, email or communicating via parents are probably alright too. I think the call is better because it’s harder for tones to be misinterpreted and they’ll understand your sincerity. If your friend doesn’t want to reconnect it’s probably for the better and they aren’t as good a friend you thought they were. Tell the truth about how you feel, and hopefully, they’ll tell you how they feel too.


How to set boundaries as an awkward teen 

I want to be sure I’m answering this one correctly. In the next survey, could you further explain what you are asking?


How do I balance my different activities with school?

Here’s my everyday schedule: When I’m done with my zoom meetings I quickly make myself lunch, eat then I do chores, normally I wait to do my assignments until I’m finished with chores and doing what my mom asks of me. After chores, I do my assignments. I have GSA on Tuesdays so I do chores and read before attending GSA, after GSA is when I normally finish schoolwork, this was the same when I had tennis only at different times. It could work with all kinds of activities, such as sports, clubs, and even family time. I have time for myself after everything is done.


I would like advice to help with everyday stress in your life.

Take some time to yourself every once in a while, this could help with getting away from stress in your life. Take breaks from homework if school work is getting too stressful, I struggle a lot with getting away from schoolwork when it starts to get stressful. I try to get all my advice done in one day, my mom often tries to remind me to get away from it. You should go on short walks to get some fresh air and some exercise. I know it helps a lot when I’m feeling stressed out.


Some of my friends I play Minecraft with, just go go go trying to beat the game. While I like to explore, build, and I don’t really care about beating it. Is it a good idea to keep playing Minecraft with them when it’s like this? 

I think you should take a while to figure Minecraft out on your own before continuing with your friends. I have never had the desire to beat the game until recently, but have had zero time to do so. When you think you know enough about the game and you think you’re ready to play with friends and potentially beat the game, you should do so, remember to take your time. Tell your friends how you feel, they should be able to understand where you’re coming from, maybe they’ll look back on when they first started playing. Good luck, I hope you enjoy playing!


Dealing with depression

If you’re feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts, you need to talk to someone immediately. Friends are a great support and I always try to talk to friends when I’m feeling down. The counselors are here for you too. I was recently put in a position where I needed to talk to ms. Harris because my friends weren’t there, she was accommodating, and it was super easy to talk to her and tell her about what was going on and how I was feeling. I really hope this helped, stay safe. 


How to recognize a lie

If it’s someone you’re close with you can kinda tell because of things they do differently when they lie, for example, my uncle flares his nostrils when he lies. I guess my best advice is to pay close attention to their body language or the tone in their voice. 


The best way to pay attention to online class, especially while you are doing an assignment that is due soon.

Minimize distractions around you. If you have a phone, I recommend silencing it or putting it on do not disturb. If you have trouble paying attention because you’re working on an assignment during zoom, you should close out of your assignment to focus on what your teacher is telling you. Work in an area without distractions, or with a small number of distractions.


How can you make school easier?

Organization helps me a lot when it comes to school, sometimes if I feel I have more homework then normal I make a list of all assignments and space them out throughout a two day period. I wish I had better advice for you, but I don’t. Good luck with school.



If you need any advice there’s a monthly advice column (A survey will be sent out sometime late December or January.) or you can email me:

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