MTB Market Out Of Stock




Mountain biking is a great sport that includes outdoor recreation and good cardiovascular exercise. The pandemic brought many to the sport leaving the stores and shelves empty and out of stock. Today we will help you understand the reason why all the mountain bikes are “sold out”.


You might be bored in quarantine and want a new hobby to take up over the wait. When the pandemic started mountain biking never shut down it was a socially distant sport. Many were looking for a new activity to take up and thought “I’ll try mountain Biking”. Many love the outdoors and nature and biking is a great way to connect with that.


Bike shops were always open during the shutdown because it was a way of transportation for the essential workers. If you went to your local bike shop right now you would see empty racks and shelves. If you went to the website for your bike all you would see was “OUT OF STOCK”.  So you might wonder why or what the problem is.


The manufacturers who made the bikes made the normal amount of bikes and they were not expecting everybody to herd in and buy bikes so their stock quickly fell due to the demand spike. Now the manufacturers don’t have enough bikes and parts to fit the demand and can’t keep the factories running due to the Covid-19 regulations. The bike industry took a big hit from this as did everyone else when the pandemic started. This meant all things bikes related were sold out or hard to find. 


If you go to your local shop you will have a long wait for a mechanic to work on it. My local shop didn’t even do a basic tune-up; they just told me what was knowingly wrong with my bike. If you go to the website of your favorite mountain bike company you will find many parts sold out. A company and youtube channel “WorldWideCyclery” are making videos on what is actually in stock on their website. In the videos, they mention that the time of recording is when things are in stock.


After all, you should check every day for your bike or part to be in stock. Backorder, or pray all day for it to come in. If you were wondering why there was a shortage of bikes and bike parts then this could be the reason.