Bulldog Brief


Bulldog Brief

Bulldog Brief

Art Credit: Katie Becker

Fear vs. Phobia

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ June 1, 2022

Introduction Many people think fear and phobia are synonyms, they think that those two words are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Well, you may be surprised to find out that they are actually...

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Fear of Missing Out: FOMO

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ May 5, 2022

Introduction FOMO, or fear of missing out, is defined by Psychology Today as, "a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent...characterized by the...

Art Credit: Katie Becker

Not Catching Enough ZZZ’s Can Be Dangerous!

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ May 3, 2022

Introduction This article will talk about the effects sleep loss has on everyone. This article aims to inform people about the dangers of sleep deprivation and will talk about how to get to sleep because...

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Greek Mythology: Athena

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ March 31, 2022

Introduction Hi! It's been a long time since I wrote a Greek mythology article. Someone requested that I make an article on this goddess so I hope you like it! Athena's Introduction Athena is the...

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Greek Mythology: Artemis

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ February 17, 2022

                  Greek Mythology: Artemis   Introduction Hello! Welcome back to another article in the Greek mythology series! I’m glad that people enjoyed the last one I made and I...

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You Don’t Have to Gripe Over Grades!

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ February 7, 2022

      You Don't Have to Gripe Over Grades!        Some people are freaking out about their grades now that second semester has arrived. They see that their grades have reset and they are...

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Absent? No Problem!

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ February 2, 2022

                      Absent? No Problem!        When students are absent sometimes they don’t know what to do. This can cause them to not do work or think they are excused from...

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Greek Mythology: Hades

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ January 25, 2022
This may be part of a Greek mythology series! Stay tuned!
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School Is On Ice For Edmonds School District!

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ January 24, 2022

        School Is On Ice For Edmonds School District!        Edmonds School District canceled school. Edmonds School District had a snow day. School was canceled on January 3rd, 2022....

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Sicily’s Book Corner Volume #3

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ January 19, 2022

          Sicily’s Book Corner   Hello! Welcome back to the 3rd volume of Sicily’s Book Corner! I know I haven’t done one of these articles in a while and I’m sorry about that. But...

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Was As Good As The Original 

Dewey Jones , Guest Contributor ¦ December 8, 2021

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Was As Good As The Original    I went and saw the new Ghostbusters movie recently, I saw it a few days before the official release date. After the movie, I was so hyped...

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The Future: A Short Story

Sicily Weitz, Writer ¦ November 15, 2021

“Mommy, can you please tell me a story?” a little girl whose name was Lilly said while bouncing on the bed.     “Sure sweetheart, what story do you want?” her mother asked while sitting...

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