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Bulldog Brief

Bulldog Brief


Art by Madi Preuss

HunterxHunter, Anime Review!

Rayah Lockwood., Writer ¦ May 24, 2022

                                 HunterxHunter, Anime Review! Anime is a hand-drawn and animated series originating from Japan. Anime isn’t new, nor unheard of, as many people around...

Art Credit: Madi Preuss

Kangaroo Boxing Ring Started In School Parking Lot

David Cardwell (He/Him), Writer ¦ May 18, 2022

Hi, David here. I'm here to report on the recent boxing ring that started after school. Even though the school was still recovering from the bulldozer lawsuit, the goldfish lawsuit, and the massive death...

Ways Of Fixing The Overcrowding Issue

David Cardwell (He/Him), Writer ¦ May 9, 2022

Hi, David here, and I’m back with another top notch article relating to school news! Today I will be writing about the issue of overcrowding around the school, and my personal suggestion on how to fix...

Charli drew this

Top 5 Water Brands

Consuelo Carlson-DeBoo, Main Writer ¦ May 5, 2022

Hey guys. These are the top 5 best water brands ever to be made. Like. Ever.    Kirkland Signature I enjoy Kirkland Signature as my most favorite and enjoyable purchased water. The refreshing,...

Nic Stone Book Review!

Nic Stone Book Review!

Consuelo Carlson-DeBoo, Main Writer ¦ May 5, 2022

Hey everyone, Suelo here. Today I am going to be talking about an amazing author and her books: Nic Stone! Let’s get started, shall we?   First of all, my favorite book by Nic Stone is called...

Breaking News: Local Student Finds Goldfish in Chocolate Milk!

Breaking News: Local Student Finds Goldfish in Chocolate Milk!

David Cardwell (He/Him), Writer ¦ May 5, 2022

David here once again with some new breaking news! A student of Brier Terrace Middle, Jack Lytle, was eating his lunch, as was the normal routine, when he found something astonishing swimming in his chocolate...

This image was taken from Alamy, which is a free for use image website.

Tardy Sweeps and Taco Bell

Consuelo Carlson-DeBoo, Main Writer ¦ April 19, 2022

Hey everyone. Today I'm going to be (satirically, which means inaccurately or falsely, it's not supposed to be serious) adding on about the tardy sweeps. Let's get started. So there have been some MINOR...

Top 10 Books to Read During Womens History Month

Top 10 Books to Read During Women’s History Month

Hey there! For the next ‘Top 10,’ I have collaborated with Rayah and Hasset (plus my sister) to come up with a list of books that we found inspiring and empowering, and what better time to share our...

I got this from https://www.photosforclass.com/search/athena/2

Greek Mythology: Athena

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ March 31, 2022

Introduction Hi! It's been a long time since I wrote a Greek mythology article. Someone requested that I make an article on this goddess so I hope you like it! Athena's Introduction Athena is the...

Suelo and Yoels Favorite Songs

Suelo and Yoel’s Favorite Songs

Yoel Esquivel-Santos and Consuelo Carlson ¦ March 30, 2022

Suelo: Hey everyone, Suelo here with another review. My favorite song is The Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Van Beethoven. Cool name, right? I also enjoy some Eminem. One of my favorite songs is Enemy by Imagine...

My Traumatic Bike Crash

Jonah Sutcliffe, Photographer/communications ¦ March 26, 2022

Let’s set the stage: I was 5 years old, my parents just got me a new bike, and I, like an intelligent kid, as soon as my parents left me and my sister with my babysitter, I immediately started swerving,...

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