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Left-Leclerc Midle-Verstappenn Right-Sainz

Miami GP

Lorelai Baumann, Lina Steinhagen, Writer, Photographer, EiC ¦ May 31, 2022

 The Miami GP is a newly added track in the F1 sport. It is the first race in the US this year the other being in Texas known as the United States GP. Miami’s hot temperatures put high stress on the...

Picture of Dylan Hughes

Local Boy Wins Round 3 of Formula Drift!

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ May 24, 2022

Formula Drift star Dylan Hughes wins the 3rd round of Formula Drift Pro. Dylan Hughes is from Snoqualmie. He has been drifting for many years now and is sponsored by Royal Purple: Synthetic Oil. He fought...

Picture of hole in the side of Alonso s car.

5 Red Flags; 5 Crashes!

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ May 24, 2022

I normally don’t talk about qualifying but this week's qualifying was very interesting. We also had a sprint race this week. Sprint races are mini races that take place the Saturday before the race....

57 Laps – One Set of Tires!

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ May 13, 2022

  Q1 In Q1 Lance Stroll was going up against Latifi he gets ahead of him. Latifi then goes up and tries to get the position back. He is trying to pass on the right-hand side when Lance Stroll...

Max Verstappen Celebrating

Why Latifi always got to Mess Things Up?!

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ May 9, 2022

Lap 1- Perz gets a great start pulling ahead of Leclerc. Max gets stuck on the inside leaving Perz 1st, Leclerc 2nd, and Max 3rd. On turn 8 of this lap, K. Mag pulls ahead of Pierre Gasly.    Lap...

My all time La Liga start 11 (4-3-3)

My all time La Liga start 11 (4-3-3)

Jonah Sutcliffe, Photographer/communications ¦ May 5, 2022

The La Liga has seen some of the best players ever. Please let me know what you would change in this list, just remember how hard you would have to think about this yourself.   Starting at the...

My All Time, Premier League Starting 11 (4-3-3)

My All Time, Premier League Starting 11 (4-3-3)

Jonah Sutcliffe, Photographer/communications ¦ April 29, 2022

Hello everyone! Today I am going through what my choice of a starting 11 line-up of all time would be in the Premier League! I may forget some players, but please excuse me, because I am not an amazing...

Left: Dmitry Mazepin Right: Nikita Mazepin
Photo Credit: newyorkfolk.com

They Fired Him and Kept the Money

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ April 27, 2022

Unless you are living under a rock you probably know Russia and Ukraine are at war. That has affected everybody and everything, even Formula One (F1). In my article, “One Two Baby, One Two” I skimmed...

Left: Mattia Binotto Right: Lewis Hamilton
Left Center: Carlos Sainz Right Center: Charles Leclerc

“One Two Baby! One Two!”

April 19, 2022

If I had told you that both of the Ferraris would place first and second in the first race of the season, would you have believed me? The truth is, I would not have believed myself! I would have thought...

I got this from https://www.photosforclass.com/search/nfl

NFL Quarterback Power Rankings 2021-2022 Season

Jonah Sutcliffe and Soren Ramerman ¦ March 15, 2022

Today we are going through the quarterback rankings of all the 32 NFL teams starting quarterbacks. With that being said, let’s get into it.   Mike Glennon/Daniel Jones - Giants - The entire...

Russell Wilson Trade!

Russell Wilson Trade!

Soren Ramerman, Communications ¦ March 8, 2022

Today we learned from ESPN and Bleacher Report that Russell Wilson will be traded to the Broncos for Drew Lock, Shelbey Harris, and three first-round picks. Overall this is a groundbreaking trade because...

I got this from https://www.photosforclass.com/search/olympics

What Did the Olympics Look Like Amid the Surge of Omicron?

Hasset Kassa, Writer ¦ March 8, 2022

The protocols for this Winter Olympics were different from the pre-covid games. Competitors had to arrive twenty-one days before the games to quarantine and went through rigorous procedures to be qualified...

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